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Staff Notes

Written by: Shoey (talk) and Meta Knight (talk)
Debuting art by: Citri

Shroom2024 Shoey.png

Hello, and welcome to the second Shoey and Meta 'Shroom issue. So far, everything has been okay. We're on pace to get both issues out on time, and there's only been like three small fires. Really, they weren't even fires; they were more like smolderings. In fact, it's weird that you're even calling them fires. Anyways, I got my portrait upgraded courtesy of Citri. Plus, I finally got my new office all set up! Yep, finally got rid of all of Hood's dumb bird stuff, and replaced it with my not-dumb Robot Wars toys, my Vincent Price photo, and my Lawman merch! But more important than all of that, this month is going to be the greatest month of my life! Because on March 28th and 29th, we've got a one-two punch! First, on the 28th, the NES Felix the Cat game gets released on Switch, and you best believe I've bought the Limited Run Games' physical copy and pre-ordered the digital copy. Then, on the 29th, the second season of Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock comes out, and if you need to know anything about me, know that if they made 1,000 seasons of Fraggle Rock, I'd watch them all!

Now for some 'Shroom news! First and most important, we've got two - count them - two new team sections and one special section this month! Firstly, we've got a recurring section from former Director and noted number-one Toady fan, Hood, who has finally managed to turn his Rose Garden Octopath Traveler II ramblings into a Strategy Wing 'Shroom section! Then we have another one-off story from Natalie J. In Palette Swap, and I'm not going to give out any spoilers, but I've heard a rumor that Bowser's there! For our special section, newly elected Poll Committee Chairperson MightyMario's inaugural address will spell out his plans for the 14th Poll Committee. And if I know anything history (and believe me, I do!), it'll probably involve firing everybody from the previous Poll Committee and replacing them with die-hard supporters to strengthen MightyMario's grip on power!

Finally, we have one more important announcement! Our newly reformed Design Team has a manager and it's Goombuigi (talk)! Goombuigi has been promoted from Staff Consultant to Design Team Manager, finally fulfilling his destiny of claiming one of these core staff titles! We have full faith that, under Goombuigi's guidance, The 'Shroom's art needs are in good hands! That's everything I've got. I'll now throw it to Meta Knight for some sweet shilling of Poochy's Picks!

Rally the Valley!

Shoey, Director

Shroom2024 MetaKnight.png

Are you ready to spring ahead into another fantastic issue of The 'Shroom? Well guess what, we're ready to deliver it to you fresh off the press! My good comrade Shoey has mentioned everything relevant in terms of new announcements, so I'm going to serve you a friendly reminder of all our usual words of wisdom. Most importantly, please, please, please, please send me any and all of your creative works! Whether it's an idea currently simmering, something that's already developed, or a new experiment you're cooking up, we want to work with you in any way we can to make sure it gets featured in The 'Shroom. One of the most rewarding aspects of this community project is just seeing the sheer variety of content from so many different people, and that's not possible without our wonderful writers.

In some instances, you don't even have to talk to me nor go through the standard process! We accept one-off standalone pieces too for these. If you've got a silly or dramatic news story of the fictional variety, report it to Waluigi Time to showcase in Fake News. Give Anton your opinions on things and your review will become shared in Critic Corner for everyone to be made aware of the important details. There's so many different things you can do, so why wait?

With all that said, we hope you enjoy this issue. There's a lot of excellent sections spread out throughout each team, and not one of them should be skipped! Then once you're done reading, head over to Poochy's Picks and use the linked form to tell us about your favorites. While you're at it, feel free to reminisce about Poochy's favorites from last month too. I'll stop blabbing away now (not that anyone except Pito (talk) reads Staff Notes anyway), so without further adieu, we bring to you Issue 204.

Meta Knight, Sub-Director; Statistics Manager

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