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Poochy's Picks

Written by: Poochy

Poochy's Picks
Poochy: ARF! ARF! (Am I a good boy? I brought these special features just for you!)

Poochy's Picks from Issue 203
Section Writer Comments
Dear Waluigi Time Waluigi Time (talk) What I'd like to highlight about this section is the way Waluigi Time plays off of - and along with - the question from Dark-Boy-1up. The section has an opportunity to further a joke that the submitter has already started, and it runs with that opportunity while still adding something novel by legitimately providing an answer. While not every set-up a writer gets will lend itself to the humor they have in mind, when it is possible to work with, it's a nice way of showing some appreciation for the submitter. CONsequently, I think Waluigi Time's Conkdor wordplay deserves a nod.
The Mariospective Goombuigi (talk) Goombuigi provides a thorough look at the original not-so-super Mario Bros., providing enough to familiarize players who have never touched it before. What I really took note of in this edition, though, was his commentary on how this game feels from the perspective of someone who is more familiar with modern Mario games. Little details like being surprised that enemies and coins block each other's paths or seeing an upside to the game's wrap-around nature gives some extra draw to this section.
Sport Report: The Movie ClawgripFan9001 It's fun seeing ClawgripFan9001 expand on the world established in Sport Report. The high stakes revolving entirely around a big sporting event and the minions being willing to step aside over losing matches create a humorous undertone that feels like it came straight from the story campaign of a Mario sports game.
The 'Shroom's Special Saga Goombuigi (talk) A very well-written and comprehensive section that goes on a deep dive through the paper's past special issues, showing the development of The 'Shroom in the process. This is definitely a helpful resource for anyone interested in the history of this community, and its timing couldn't be better, allowing it to cap things off on the high note of Issue 200.
Movie Review Sparks (talk) Sparks has written a comprehensive review for a movie that he is incredibly passionate about, and that comes through clearly in this lovingly-crafted section. Even if someone doesn't know anything or doesn't care about the property, that doesn't take away from the formality of this segment. Sparks also mentions their issues with the movie, which gives more credibility to their opinion.
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