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Staff Notes

Written by: Hooded Pitohui (talk) and Waluigi Time (talk)

Shroom 2021 Pitohui.png

Hello, all of you readers of The 'Shroom! As you can see, we've had our seasonal background change, so we're sporting a green look now! Truth be told, I've always liked this background the best, out of the seasonal set. Which is your favorite out of them? There's no particular importance to this question, but if you feel like letting us know anyway, feel free to let us know through any means convenient to you! You can leave a message on my talk page, or Waluigi Time's talk page, or send us a PM on the forum, or come into the forum thread for the issue, or choose any other way to reach out, really. We welcome messages from you, so if you ever want to let us know you like something a writer or artist is doing, if you have a suggestion for the paper, or even if you just want to pop in to tell us something simple and fun like "I like the winter background the best" or "this comic was great", please feel free to reach out!

While that question is just for fun, there is another question we'd like to ask you all to weigh in on. To all of our readers, writers (including former writers), and members of our community, what are your thoughts on the "Section of the Month" system we have in place? Do you like it? Dislike it? For writers, does it (or did it) feel encouraging, or would you say otherwise? For readers, do you like casting votes for sections, or would you rather give feedback to our writers some other way? For anyone, are there other ways you'd like to be able to recognize and reward the work our writers put in? We're always looking to improve the experiences The 'Shroom offers to its writers and its readers alike, so, please, if you have any thoughts you'd like to share (they don't have to be long or complicated - just share anything you want to share!), do send us a message!

With that said, I shouldn't take too much more of your time. We have plenty of sections for you to read and enjoy this month, after all, so I should let you get to them soon! As always, if you're interested in joining The 'Shroom (perhaps you'll find a flash of inspiration somewhere in this issue!), you can easily apply! The sign-up page has all the details you'll need to send in an application, but you can always reach out with questions, too! We welcome one-off guest submissions, as well, in case there's ever something you want to write about while not wanting to make a recurring section out of it. One-off News Flushes in Fake News and one-off reviews of, well, practically anything you might want to review in Critic Corner can even be sent directly to Waluigi Time or Anton, respectively. Similarly, if you have art you'd like to share, you can send that directly to FunkyK38, our Palette Swap Director.

The point is, we're a community newspaper, and we like to have the community involved in what we do! Whether you want to send in art or reviews, want to send in an application, or you just want to send in a comment, some feedback, maybe, our inboxes are open, and we'd be glad to hear from you!

I've really kept you from getting to the rest of the issue long enough now, though, so, let me turn it over to Waluigi Time so you can get through these notes and see everything our writers and artists have put together for you!

Hooded Pitohui, Director

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Waluigi Time, Sub-Director

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