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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Photo Contest

By: Lord Bowser (talk)

Hello hello hello! It's me, Lord Bowser, here to present you all with the third-annual 'Shroom photo contest!

You might remember 2018's Super Mario Odyssey contest and last year's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate contest. This year's contest will be mostly the same as those two, and our featured game this time around is none other than Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Like the previous contests, this is a friendly competition meant to show off everyone's lovely photos of their islands, villagers, houses, and much more going on in their own ACNH worlds. As for the contest guidelines;

  • There will be four categories for all submissions: Cute, Decorative (Indoor), Decorative (Outdoor), and Funny.
    • The Cute category is for those adorable, wholesome photos of you, your friends, and your villagers enjoying island life. Maybe just having some lunch in the park, or fishing on the beach at sunset, or watering one's flower garden for them? The choice is yours!
    • The Decorative category will be split into two parts, focusing on indoor decoration and outdoor decoration. Indoor decoration means shots of any of the rooms in your house, or a room at Harv's studio that you decided to spruce up. Outdoor decoration means shots of the great outdoors, such as your gardens, parks, shopping centers, and anything else you can come up with!
    • The Funny category is for those silly, iconic, or downright terrifying moments that happen in your town, along with anything that doesn't quite fit the above categories. Try to stir up some memes, jokes, or other hilarious nonsense!
  • Photos must be taken in-game, either simply by using the screenshot button or through the Camera app on your NookPhone. You may use any filter you please, and be with any villager(s) or player(s) at any location. Harv's photo studio is allowed as well.
  • You may provide text for your photo to add to its content, using either the Switch's photo editor and incorporating the text directly onto the photo, or as a caption to go along with the photo.
  • When the submission period of the contest closes, the submitted photos will be displayed in a gallery in May's 'Shroom issue, accompanied by polls asking which photos are the best of each category. The winners of each category will be announced in June's 'Shroom issue.
  • Below are some visual examples of each of the four categories. You do not need to follow these examples at all; they simply serve as possible references.

Additionally, as a new incentive for this contest, there will be in-game prizes for all winners!

  • Those who earn first place in any category will receive 500,000 Bells.
  • Those who earn second place in any category will receive 250,000 Bells.
  • Those who earn third place in any category will receive 100,000 Bells.
  • The person who earns the most votes among all participants, across all four categories, will be named the Grand Prize Winner, and will receive either a lump sum of 1,000,000 Bells or a Royal Crown (valued at 1.2 million Bells!), up to their discretion. Submit photos under all four categories to maximize your chances of winning this award!
  • All participants will also receive 5,000 Bells for each photo they submit, for up to 20,000 Bells for maximum participation!

These Bells will be provided by myself, and will be sent out accordingly after submissions are locked for participation awards, and after the results are announced in June for top vote-getters. Hope this can motivate some people!

Contest rules

  • All submissions must be sent either in a PM to me on the forums or in a DM to me on Discord (my tag is LB#6333). You must send me a link to your image, be it a Facebook or Twitter post, an Imgur link, etc. in your message. Your account details will not be made public.
  • You may submit under any or all of the four categories, but only one submission per category per person is allowed. In your submission message, make sure to specify which photos belong to which categories, or else they will not be featured in the contest.
    • Additionally, if you wish to provide an accompanying caption for a photo, include it in the message as well.
  • All submissions are final. You may not rescind a submission and send me a different one later. Please be sure your image is exactly how you like it before you send it in!
  • To keep things on a level playing field, further editing of images beyond the NookPhone Camera app and the Switch's photo editor is not allowed.
  • The deadline for all photo submissions is Tuesday, May 12th, 2020, at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. Any further submissions beyond this time will not be accepted.

If you have any further questions regarding this contest, please make sure to ask me! Good luck and have fun!

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