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I feel this article should be split, one into an article about "Robo Suits" as a general concept, and one about "Robo Koopa" as a form of Koopa. As the article notes, Mario and Luigi have their own Robo Suit built, and when that suit combines with Mario and Luigi they become the Plumbinator. Similarly, when Koopa puts on this suit, he becomes Robo Koopa. (Or another way to think about it is each Robo Suit has a different name - the "Plumbinator" and "Robo Koopa" - the show explicitly states that Dr. Nerdnick not only built the original Robo Suit, but that he built Robo Koopa.) This article seems to be mostly about Robo Koopa anyways, so it can be easily transformed from an article ostensibly about Koopa's Robo Suit to an article about Robo Koopa. This would also allow us to begin creation of Koopa's other forms from the show, many which are officially named and have distinct characteristics. This would provide fuller coverage of Bowser as well as subjects from the cartoon show. -- Son of Suns (talk)

Alter Ego[edit]

We may want to move this article to "Robo Koopa (alter ego)" to keep consistent with our list of alter egos article. -- Son of Suns (talk)

That sounds resonable. -- Booster (talk)