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Where's he hidden the second time? Is it possible to find him?
~ ‎ Luigi hc ‎

No. -- Sir Grodus

I think he was hiding in the Crystal Palace, the same from the first PM.Knife (talk) 17:52, 22 March 2007 (EDT)

source? Max2 about the Crystal Palace...

Not to be questioning anyone, but is the Crystal Palace thing true? I believe his e-mail (at least perhaps in my copy of the game) said that he was hiding in a different place (it might've been called "Goomstar Temple"), but I think it was still noted as cold, which might make it at least comparable to the Crystal Palace. YELLOWYOSHI398

What moron wrote this?[edit]

"...leftmost end of the last bridged room before Hooktail Castle begins..." The NPC is NOT outside the castle, he is NOWHERE near the left of the castle, he is INSIDE the castle, quite a long way into it. The Castle starts after the bridge you have to fly over. You do NOT have to jump off anything outside of the castle, you jump off an elevator block INSIDE the castle... How dumb can people be? If you don'T believe that those... 10-20 screens belong to the castle, ask Goombella. She literally tells you THIS IS THE CASTLE after you pass the bridge.