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Hey there! Welcome to my user page. :) Enjoy your stay. ;P

Who are you?!

Who am I?! Who are you?! =0 I am Luigi hc, or hc for short. I'm a member here at MarioWiki, as well as at the forums -- you guessed it, I'm Luigi_hc there too. I am a 14 year old Canadian male (Canadian, eh?), who truly enjoys everything Mario. Want to know more? Too bad. Here's a UserBox for ya. ;D

Luigi hc's Userbox Tower
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Nintendo GameCube console & controller
Sprite of the Super Appeal badge in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
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Besides Mario games, I enjoy the internet in general. I'm a complete computer geek, and proud of it. I enjoy listening to music (no specific style, but, techno is pretty cool...) and watching some TV. As a teenager, I like all the normal teen stuff, like hanging out with friends, and such. School, while a pain in the rear, isn't that bad either.

Mario-related, now, I personally favour Luigi over Mario. My all-time favourite characters are Luigi and Yoshi, with Toad and Mario a somewhat-distant second. All the other guys don't matter... sorry. Right now, I'm in a huge Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door groove, and have learned just about everything about the game. Call me a fanatic, I can't hurt you. I also like the Mario Party series, and Super Mario Sunshine. Of course, all the classics, especially Super Mario Bros. 3, are great too.

Enough rambling. On to why this page is important.

Image Requests

You may, or may not, know that I make signature images. The banner at the top of the page is an example, as well as the ones below.


If you do not have an account at the MarioWiki forums, or are too lazy to find my topic there, I can make you an image whenever you'd like. =D Simply copy this form, below, and paste it in my Discussion Page. Then, just fill it out and wait. ^^

Text: (What do you want it to say?)
Size: (How big should it be? Width x Height in pixels, please)
Images: (Provide specific, and several, image links of your favourite characters to go on the signature)
Colour Scheme: (What colours should be the main ones?)
Additional Info: (Anything else? If you can, please include which of the characters to be on the image is your favourite, second favourite, etc.)


Sorry, but, my free trial has come to an end. I'll let you know when I get a new one. :)