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Shouldn't Splart be split to its own page, since it's a minigame? Hello, I'm Time Turner.

Yes. All the other minigames seem to be in separate articles, so why not this one? Fawfulfury65
One question, though; once we split Splart, where are we gonna put it on the M&L:SS template? Hello, I'm Time Turner.
Both articles I guess. They are both from M&L SS. Fawfulfury65
No, I meant where to put Splart in the template. Hello, I'm Time Turner.
Oh. Sorry, heh, heh. That happens all the time. Does it need to be in the template? Fawfulfury65
Well, if the template is going to be on the article, the article should have a place on the template, no? Hello, I'm Time Turner.
Well, it couldn't really be added in the template anywhere, so maybe we shouldn't have the template in the article. I suck at templates though so... Fawfulfury65
For now, let's just create Splart without a template. Hello, I'm Time Turner.