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I don't understand this sentence: "Despite the fact that Mario is stated to be their family's last name, Grandma Mario's actual name is Mario." -- Son of Suns (talk)

They implied that her first name was Mario, as her last name was never brought up. -- Booster (talk)
How's that? Could you explain in more detail? Calling someone Grandma Mario could easily refer to a last name, right? (And would make sense given the last name of "Mario" established in some media?) I have two grandmas, and I refer to each of them by "Grandma (last name)." -- Son of Suns (talk)
Well, when The Old Psychic Lady asked Mario for the name of his Grandma, he told her it was "Grandma Mario", and that he was named after her. The Lady and Luigi talked about how Mario was teased as a child for being named after his Grandma. After that, the Lady mistakenly called Mario "Grandma". -- Booster (talk)
Weird...well now I'm not so sure. Perhaps we should not assume she has a "first" and "last" name to begin with, and just say her name is Grandma Mario, and that Mario was named after his Grandma. Readers can make their own assumptions based on that fact. -- Son of Suns (talk)
That does sound reasonable, since the whole issue is pretty confusing as it stands. Let's pray that a third grandmother is never discovered. -- Booster (talk)
Well knowing the Mario continuity, that's a definite possibility... =P -- Son of Suns (talk)

Implied Character?[edit]

It doesn't sound like she appears on-screen, but because of her importance in the episode, I hardly think merging it with a hugely long list would be a good idea. Can we break the rule this once? Stumpers! 00:29, 10 February 2009 (EST)

She does "appear" on-screen, just via a different character. Her spirit is on-screen, its just not visible. Grandma Mario is not merely referenced like other implied characters, but appears in the episode in some form (just like say, Johnson the X-Naut). -- Son of Suns (talk)
Ah. We really do need to clarify what that list is for. How about this for a more concrete reason: Grandma Mario is not included because she is like Princess Eclair, a major character in some regard and not simply referenced. Stumpers! 14:42, 10 February 2009 (EST)
Haha yeah. This whole "implied" concept gets really slippery - are characters who only appear in texts (like Dr. Sporis Von Fungenstein) implied characters because they never "visually" appear? -- Son of Suns (talk)
I always thought that implied meant that the character simply never made an actual appearance. Princess Eclair is a good example of this. Johnson the X-Naut is not implied, for he does make an appearance, even though they never specify as to which X-Naut is Johnson. Although she's never actually seen, Grandma Mario does speak, even though it's through the body of another character. It's not much different than say having an article for a character that's always invisble. -- Booster (talk)