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Is this name even official? If not, I strongly suggest it be merged with Fawful Train.--Knife (talk) 19:08, 10 December 2010 (UTC) Not officially named in-game, merge in Fawful Express' name. 30STM.PNG This Is War 30STM.PNG 19:27, 10 December 2010 (UTC)

I took the current image and used the Paint program to erase any background by Fawful Mountain, thus getting the sprite. Can we use it? 35px Ultimate Mr. L (Talk) 15:46, 14 September 2016 (EDT)

Sure. It would be better than the image we got now. But, if you don't put it under the image on this page, we will have two images instead of one. We need to keep it as one image. Ok. Yoshissm-animated walk.gif Yoshi the SSM (talk) 16:01, 14 September 2016 (EDT)
I don't think I understand. Do you want me to combine the two images or replace the one we have? I was thinking I would put mine in the infobox and put the other one somewhere else. 35px Ultimate Mr. L (Talk) 16:39, 14 September 2016 (EDT)
It would be better if it was combined. That way, it will update not only the article image, but also the bestiary image. Oh, I could be wrong but the Mr. L image looks a little big. I got caught using a big image too. It may not seem that much of a difference, but it is a pretty big difference to this wiki. Just letting you know. Fix the Mr. L image before it goes on your talk page. Yoshissm-animated walk.gif Yoshi the SSM (talk) 16:45, 14 September 2016 (EDT)
So, both images at the same time in the infobox? That sounds wrong. Maybe I just don't understand what your saying. Also, my image was at the max 35px, but it did seem a little big, so I shrunk it.25px Ultimate Mr. L (Talk) 17:02, 14 September 2016 (EDT)
Obviously you never uploaded an image before, so I will tell you what it is for. The Upload File on the left side of the page is where you go to upload an image that doesn't exist in this wiki. Since there is an image, you don't have to upload a new image. Simply click the image on this article and it will take you to the place where the image exists. Scroll down to the bottom and you will find "upload new version of this file". Click on it and upload your file. Be sure that the image is the same type of image as the file (in this case .png) before doing it. If they don't match up, then I say you could upload an image from the left side and possibly put a delete sign on the current image (if the image is no longer needed, it should be deleted), then put the new image in the respective pages and get rid of the old. I put that in one sentence so it won't be confuse with what I have to say now. If they match, the new version will replace all old versions. This one is more useful since you can revert an image if it needs to. As for sig image sizes, I also put a max of 35px. Just because it is the max size means that it is good. It must fit in a box. I can give you one if you want it. Or you could get it yourself. It is in my talk page. Be careful if you do try to take that box; it is the second line. You could also pick up a few tips as well from my talk page. Yoshissm-animated walk.gif Yoshi the SSM (talk) 17:36, 14 September 2016 (EDT)
This is really weird. Look what happened to the image. What did I do wrong? Better answer fast because I don't know how to fix it. 25px Ultimate Mr. L (Talk) 17:47, 14 September 2016 (EDT)
It looks pretty cool on my end. Although the images on both pages seem a little bigger if that is what your worried about. Otherwise just hit the refresh button right next to the place where it tells you the name of the page. Yoshissm-animated walk.gif Yoshi the SSM (talk) 17:52, 14 September 2016 (EDT)
Huh. For a while it looked like s stretched version of the old image and refreshing did nothing, but it looks fine now. 25px Ultimate Mr. L (Talk) 17:55, 14 September 2016 (EDT)
I know how you feel. I saw the image too. I must have done something to make the image look what it is on my end before yours. By the way, I also added another version of an image which was deleted a while back. It too looked strange. I don't know what's going on with uploading new versions of images, but they seem, at first, just like the old image with a new size. Yoshissm-animated walk.gif Yoshi the SSM (talk) 18:01, 14 September 2016 (EDT)