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Hey!! Why did you remove the PAL Information. The PAL Region is a Video Game Region, and the Mario Bros. series is a Video Game Series. The series also gets localized into Australia and Europe, you know. So why did you remove it. My Bloody Valentine

  • I only removed it because it was irrelevent to the Mario series. Yes, Australia has a part in the real world video game market, but that stuff has nothing to do with the fictional world of Mario. I didn't remove it to be a meanie, but none of the other articles on real places (see United States for instance) branch off to talk about marketing and the like. - Booster
    • I knew you didn't do it to be mean, I was just asking why we can't have it. But, I see what you mean. Marketting would be a wierd part to put in any article, thanks for the answer. But, shouldn't United States be fused with North America... when we make the North America page, or should it stay as it is? Hmm, do we have a page about Video Game Marketting? My Bloody Valentine
  • This Wiki doesn't really cover general video game issues that don't involve the actual Marioverse (see the Importance Policy.) Also, the United States will not be merged with the North America article, simply because we have a resonable amount of info on the U.S. alone, while the entire continent encompasses numerous other countries. Booster
OK, thanks My Bloody Valentine


What are we going to do about the Image? There are no Marioverse pictures of Australia, so what do we use? Should we use a Non-Mario related Pic? I don't know how Real World Country articles work on this Wiki. My Bloody Valentine

There may be a pic in the cartoon show. At least some of the landscape and the locals. ♥♪!? 23:26, 19 July 2007 (EDT)
Uh, no, I meant an overworld picture that shows all of Australia and New Zealand. My Bloody Valentine
Well, if there is not one from the TV show then we don't need one. ♥♪!? 23:46, 19 July 2007 (EDT)

Not a continent[edit]

Altough it is most of Oceania's territory, Australia is not a continent TucayoSig.png I'd like to go to Australia

Yes it is. - 2257(Talk) BbQbf6g.png 18:04, 2 April 2009 (EDT)

So what should the article say? TucayoSig.png It confuses me
What it says now. - 2257(Talk) BbQbf6g.png 18:38, 2 April 2009 (EDT)

Actullay Australia is part of south-east asia which is known as oceainia. This comment was made by ME!!!

I looked it up on Wikipedia here's the link: TabuuandPeach (talk) 18:20, 13 April 2016 (EDT)