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Are these alarm characters really deserving of their own articles, especially given that they all do the same thing? While the G&W Gallery series falls under our coverage, these ones ultimately did not appear at all in the series, only appearing in the original, non-Mario-related G&W games and in Smash as cameos (though that alone shouldn't warrant separate articles due to our change in the series' coverage). These should probably be merged with Game & Watch. Ashley pose SMM.png Mario JC 04:08, 21 February 2019 (EST)

I do not feel they are necessary, due to doing the same thing and not being connected as much to the Mario franchise, so I think merging them makes sense. --FlameChompNSMBW.pngTheFlameChomp (talk) 06:38, 21 February 2019 (EST)
Agree. Toadette icon CTTT.pngArchivistToadettefont.png(T|C) 09:07, 21 February 2019 (EST)
Merge it like the previous proposal, i'd say. --Toasty.jpg FanOfYoshi NSMB - Splunkin Model.png 09:19, 21 February 2019 (EST)
I also agree with the above comments as well. Doomhiker (talk)Topmini.png 16:34, 22 February 2019 (EST)
Yeah, I don't see any reason why they should have their own articles. --MK8DX Waluigi Icon.png Too Bad! Waluigi Time! 17:31, 22 February 2019 (EST)