Super Mario Club (Famicom Network System)

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Box art of 'blue edition' of Super Mario Club (Famicom Network System)
Box art of the blue logo/1990 version
Box art of 'red edition' of Super Mario Club (Famicom Network System)
Box art of the red logo/1991 version

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Super Mario Club refers to Famicom Network System software (known as a "communication cartridge") introduced in 1990 only for store staff, and its associated game sales research by Nintendo.

Super Mario Club is not technically a game, however Mario cameos in the interface for the software, and the box art features the same artwork as Mario Club Co., Ltd.

The original 1990 release came with a blue Mario logo/text. Later, a 1991 version was released with the same logo/text but in red.


Super Mario Club would have been set up for Japanese toy shops, in which consumers would be able to receive the latest reviews for Famicom games. The database would be shared between every toy shop which had the software. It was possible for consumers to submit their own feedback, and their data (such as search history) would be tracked by Nintendo.


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