Shell Smash

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This article is about the move from Mario Strikers Charged. For the minigame from Super Mario 64 DS, see Shell Smash (Super Mario 64 DS).
Koopa Troopa delivering his Skillshot.

The Shell Smash is Koopa Troopa's Skillshot in Mario Strikers Charged. Once the Skillshot is fully charged, Koopa covers the ball with a giant white shell and kicks it toward the goal. When the Goalie blocks the ball, he will be stunned, while the ball flies across the stadium. However, unlike Dry Bones's Skillshot, Shocker, the ball flies in a random trajectory. This move can be done even when far away from the Goalie. It has an advantage over Birdo's Extreme Egg in that the shell can pass through players and stun them without being destroyed.