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Waluigi was nominated to be unfeatured at 13:19, 30 April 2011 (EDT) and passed at 11:23, 2 May 2011

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  4. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk) It pays to read. Don't feature because of its length and its information! Per all.
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  7. New Super Mario (talk) Per Cobold and BLOF.

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Let's examine this paragraph about Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix.

Waluigi played a pivotal role in the plot of Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix. During the events of the game, the strange villain stole the Music Keys from Truffle Tower. Attempting world domination, Waluigi tried to use the keys to make himself a better dancer so that he could "hypnotize the entire world" with his fancy footsteps. However, Waluigi gave three of the Music Keys to other "bosses", retaining only one. He also attacked Mario (or Luigi) and Toad with a barrage of Bob-ombs after the heroes traveled to Truffle Tower to confront him. Eventually, after an explosive dance-off, Mario (or Luigi) defeated Waluigi and recovered the first Music Key. In the beta version, Waluigi swipes them all at the end and it is a huge dance-off. However, Waluigi is defeated and his scheme is ruined. Note this is Waluigi's only game as the main villain.

Bold = factually wrong. He's not the main villain, Bowser is. He only threw a single Bob-omb.
Underlined = wrong verb tense / POV, etc
Besides, the overall flow of the text is bad. "Swipes them all at the end"? What does that even mean?

Next paragraph, Mario Smash Football series:

Waluigi showed off his soccer skills as a soccer captain in Mario Smash Football and its sequel Mario Strikers Charged Football, where he was a very crude player. While some were a bit startled by Waluigi's behavior, this actually increased his popularity to other players. Waluigi's egotistical attitude was also brought out into the forefront of his character in this series.(*) His Super Ability is Wall-Luigi!, where he creates purple vines to block his opponents from reaching him. He also uses the vines in his Mega Strike.

(*) this should be backed up with evidence.

Abilities section:

Waluigi is talented at a variety of sports, from tennis, to archery, to soccer. Because of this sports talent, Waluigi has many varied abilities displayed throughout his appearances, and he is usually a technical character in most of the Mario spin-offs he appears in. These range from the simple, such as jumps, punches, and kicks, to the absolutely absurd and zany, such as spinning to make a small tornado, creating thorny vines, and swimming in midair.

Waluigi also has several odd abilities.

Mario Party:

Waluigi has made an appearance as a playable character in every game in the Mario Party series since the third installment except for Mario Party Advance. In Mario Party 3, he could only be played as in multi-player mode but he has been fully-playable from the beginning in all other games that he appears in.

Waluigi's only major appearance that did not simply include him as a playable character was in his second appearance, Mario Party 3 where he first showed his antagonistic feelings. After clearing the penultimate board, Mario and his friends are ambushed by Bowser who announces that the protagonists will have to fight him for the Mischief Star Stamp.


Waluigi went on to appear as a captain in Mario Superstar Baseball. He also appeared as a captain its sequel Mario Super Sluggers. Strangely, whenever Waluigi charged up his hits in this game, they tended to have less power instead of more, though the accuracy increased. Waluigi's pitching skills were top-notch. His strength in the throwing and jumping departments were made known. Waluigi's special move was the Liar Ball: while pitching Waluigi threw both a regular baseball and an eggplant to confuse the batter of their target; when batting, Waluigi would hit both an eggplant and a baseball, confusing the fielders of which ball to catch.

I could go on with this all day. This article doesn't belong in the "featured" category. It's in a bad shape. - Cobold (talk)