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This is an archive of a successful featured article nomination. If this page is unprotected, do not modify its contents, as it is an archive of past discussions.
Hammer Bro. was nominated to be a featured article at July 7, 2012 21:36 (GMT) and passed at 10:18, 25 July 2012.

Hammer Bro.


  1. MarioSmasher (talk) I think the article has now a good load of information and good quality images, rather than before that had bad quality images and the {{more images}} template (however the template still remained even when there were tons of images but it was thankfully removed).
  2. YoshiPickle (talk)
  3. Koopa K (talk)
  4. YoshiKong (talk)
  5. Conanshinichi (talk)
  6. Master R.O.B (talk)
  7. Electrical Bowser jr. (talk)
  8. Mrcrackerpants (talk)


Removal of Opposes


It's sure been a long time since an article has become featured! I hope nobody opposes it.

Electrical Bowser jr. (talk) 17:39, 22 July 2012 (EDT)Electrical Bowser jr.