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Queen Bee[edit]


  1. Mr. Game & Watch (talk) This article is a good candidate for a featured article for lots of reasons. There is no flowery writing that I could find, no red links, decent grammar, and nearly every section has at least one picture (which has been a problem with recent nominations). Honestly, I don't see why this shouldn't be featured.


  1. Epic Rosalina (talk) I hate to say this, but the article seems... short. It looks shorter than the Baby DK article, and despite the good quality, it needs some expanding first.
  2. Time Turner (talk) There's really nothing to expand (besides the intro, which is a crucial aspect of an FA), but at the same time, the article simply seems too small.
  3. Daisyluva99 (talk)Well,this article could use some work...I'd probably do it if I could ever find some free time.
  4. Randombob-omb4761 (talk) Very short. Per Epic Rosalina.
  5. Fandro (talk) Per Epic Rosalina and Time Turner.
  6. Lumoshi (talk) Per all.

Removal of Opposes[edit]


The opening paragraph is way too small, and that one picture under the Super Mario Galaxy 2 section bothers me. It's all distorted and low-resolution. Mario (talk)

I made the paragraph a bit bigger, but that was the only okay-ish looking picture I could find of her in SMG2, so I can't help you there. Mr. Game & Watch (talk)

@EpicRosalina it's larger than Baby Donkey Kong, it's 9173 bytes. I'd say it's of a reasonable size. Yoshi876 (talk)

But it could still use some expanding. Epic Rosalina (talk)

Where? Maybe Super-Mario Kun, but that might be her only role in the manga so the information on it is sufficient enough. Yoshi876 (talk)