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This is an archive of a successful featured article nomination. If this page is unprotected, do not modify its contents, as it is an archive of past discussions.
Beldam was nominated to be a featured article at 22:37, 28 March 2009 (EDT) and passed at 21:28, 11 April 2009.



  1. I've nominated this page, because it's come quite a long way from how it used to be. It was once a very short article that evolved into a long, lengthy one with lots of detail. Anyone who opposes this, please let me know what's wrong with it, and I'll be glad to fix it. -SolarBlaze (talk)
  2. Stooben Rooben (talk) -'s so detailed! Massive kudos, SolarBlaze. This article is simply outstanding.
  3. Luigifreak (talk) amazing history section.
  4. Bloc Partier (talk) - Impressive. Marvelous edits.
  5. Mcboo-idle-ML.gifMcQueenMarioMcboo-idle-ML.gif - It's really good!


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