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Full name Herman
Species Human
First appearance "Life's Ruff"
Portrayed by Gordon Masten
This article is about the character from the cartoon series. For the comic book character, see Herman Smirch.

Herman is a dog catcher and antagonist from The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode "Life's Ruff".

After a dinner party at a hotel resort is crashed by King Windbag and Luigi, who have been turned into dogs by Hip and Hop Koopa after they stole Windbag's magic wand, Herman is called to capture the two. Chasing the two through the hotel, Herman managed to successfully capture King Windbag and Luigi while Hip and Hop escaped in a stolen sports car.

Dumping the two in his van, Herman brought them to Florida State Poochitentiary. After taking Luigi and King Windbag to their cell, Herman left to sleep in his office. Luigi, with the help of several dogs, managed to sneak through the air vents of the pound and release all the dogs, who proceeded to bowl over the panicking Herman. Luigi and Windbag then chase down Hip and Hop at the Kennedy Space Center in Herman's truck.

Herman, eager for revenge, was able to catch up to Luigi and King Windbag before they could catch Hip and Hop. Luigi and Windbag managed to evade Herman just long enough to reclaim King Windbag's magic wand. With the scepter, King Windbag to put Herman to sleep, giving him enough time to transform himself and Luigi back to normal. After stopping Hip and Hop and sending them back to Kastle Koopa, Windbag briefly transforms Herman into a poodle so that he would better understand how dogs felt. Windbag then transforms Herman back to normal and he and Luigi head home, as well, leaving him to wake up from his supposed "nightmare".


  • Herman is never referred to by his real name during his entire appearance in "Life's Ruff"; the name Herman comes from The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 DVDs released by MRA Entertainment.