Daisy's Rodeo!

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Mario Party-e Daisy's Rodeo.png

Daisy's Rodeo! is a minigame available in Mario Party-e, and is unlocked once the player swipes the Daisy card.


Daisy's e-Card for Mario Party-e.

In this game, the player controls Princess Daisy as she rides atop a Bowser-like mechanical bull that pushes the player in three different directions. The player must press the button indicated on the screen, which can be either the L Button (swing left), R Button (swing right), or B Button (swing up) button. If the player fails to press the buttons required three times within ten seconds, they will lose.


  • Though Daisy's sprite uses her classic design, by the time of Mario Party-e's release, her current design (first used in Mario Party 4) had already been established, and was even used for the game's artwork (including the image on the Daisy's Rodeo e-Card).