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Mario fighting Thornies in the Clash House Tower.

The Clash House Tower[1], labeled Clash Tower above its entrance, is the setting of the Virtual Boy game Mario Clash. Little is known about it, but from what is known it appears to be a tower-like building filled with Warp Pipes and platforms surrounded by empty space. During the events of Mario Clash, the building is overrun with numerous kinds of enemies, which emerge from the Warp Pipes and attack Mario as he tries to curb the infestation. Falling off the ledges or hitting the Icicles hanging from the ceiling are other hazards Mario faces in the Clash House Tower.

Some artwork from Mario Clash shows the tower having a large amount of candles attached to the walls, or just floating in the empty space.

List of enemies[edit]

The enemies encountered in the Clash House Tower are as follows:

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クラッシュハウス[2]
Kurasshu Hausu
Clash House


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