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Chocolate medals are items awarded to participants of the International Mushroom Games. It is given to a competitor or a team when they reach third place. Eating it immediately disqualifies whoever ate it. At the end of the games, they are worth one point when forming each team's final scores. In Leaping Lizards, several of them are awarded throughout the competition, though who receives them is dependent on choices made throughout the competition (some events do not specify or clarify which teams receive the medal).

  • Obstacle course - Mario (only if he runs the event)
  • Beetlebowl - The Hammers (only if Mario, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool, or just Mario and Luigi defend their bucket)
  • Super Triple Jump - either Cobrat (if Mushroom King is chosen as the competitor or if Luigi is chosen and uses either the pogo stick or the wings) or Luigi (if he is chosen and does not use any items)