Shuffle Space

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Shuffle Space
MP9 Alternate Space.png
Purpose Changes the order the Captains move.
First Appearance Mario Party 9 (2012)
Latest Appearance Mario Party 10 (2015)

A Shuffle Space is a semi-common space only present in Mario Party 9. If a Captain lands on this space, the order of the players will be mixed. After this happens, the Captain who is in first after the mix will get to roll the Dice Block. The order decided by the Shuffle Space is permanent until another Captain lands on another Shuffle Space, whereupon the order decided by the following space sets the order of the players.

On the Boo's Horror Castle, Blooper Beach and Magma Mine boards, when a player lands on a Shuffle Space just before being attacked by a Boo, Sushi or magma, respectively, the new turn order will come into effect first before the events take place and therefore, instead of the player who landed on the Shuffle Space, the first player in the new turn order will be affected, although technically the player have not begun his or her turn yet.

Shuffle Spaces (now known as a Change Space) return in Mario Party 10 with the same effects as in Mario Party 9

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Casilla de cambio Change space
French Case à-qui-le-tour Who's-next Space