Pear Kingdom

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Donkey Kong Jungle Beat Kingdom
Pear Kingdom
Deep Sea Sprint.PNG
Barrel B Barrel
Crests 25
Levels Deep Sea Sprint (GameCube)
Helibird Dash (Wii)
Clock Tower
Ruler Gloat-Hog
Notes This is the first kingdom connected to the B Barrel.
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The Pear Kingdom is the thirteenth kingdom in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and the first kingdom linked to the B Barrel. The kingdom is located underwater and on a tall tower. The Pear Kingdom can be accessed by completing all the kingdoms linked to the J Barrel, defeating the Cactus King, and collecting twenty-five or more Crests. It is the dominion of Gloat-Hog. Donkey Kong travels through this kingdom to fight this mighty foe, and at the end of every level in the kingdom, he eats a giant pear.


Deep Sea Sprint[edit]

Deep Sea Sprint is the first area of the Pear Kingdom. The entire level takes place underwater, however, it is a relatively short level. Donkey Kong has to race three turtles to the finish line here. The level features a few obstacles, such as the heavy water currents, which can speed the ape up if he travels in their direction. Birimēras also appear in this level as obstacles; however, they can only hurt the ape and never help him. After eating the giant pear at the end of the level, Donkey Kong heads to the next level, Clock Tower.

Although winning the race is not necessary to complete the level, it can give the Kong more beats. In the race, third place gives the Kong 100 bonus beats, second place awards him with 300, and first place gives the primate 500. However, last place does not give the ape any beats at all.

Level Layout[edit]

The level begins on a platform just off the shore of the water. In the shallow areas of the water, three turtles wait behind a line of bubbles rushing to the surface of the ocean. When Donkey Kong moves near the bubbles, the race begins, and the turtles race him to the finish line. On the way through the race area, there is a wide room with a few large platforms around its center. A strong current is at the bottom of this area. This room is followed by a wide pathway. On the first turn in this pathway, a current can be found to the left of the area. If Donkey Kong continues from here, he begins to head southward past many Birimēras. The path soon curves to the west and becomes more narrow. More Birimēras line the outside of the passage to attack the ape.

After heading south again and passing some blue, underwater plants, a fork in the road can be found. While the path to the right gives the ape no bananas, the path to the north leads to a Helper Monkey, who can throw the Kong to many Banana Bunches. A pathway leading downwards is at the meeting point of the two passages, and a current can be found to the right of a large piece of land. The current can push the ape under this platform and over another to a straight pathway leading downwards. A few small passages are on the sides of this pathway, and small currents are inside of them. At the bottom of this pathway is the finish line, which appears as a thin, white line. Another current is located after the finish line to push the ape around a small turn and to a giant pear dangling on a tree branch above the water's surface. Once he bites into the fruit, the level ends.

Clock Tower[edit]

Donkey Kong riding a Helibird.

Clock Tower is the second area of the Pear Kingdom. As its name implies, the level takes place in a clock tower with gears serving as obstacles. A new type of Helper Monkey is introduced here, and, unlike other Helper Monkeys, this type is suspended on a line instead of a bush, moving alongside Donkey Kong as he climbs the area. Two different kinds of Jungle Buddies appear in this level: Helibirds and Flurl. The two buddies can help the ape progress to the giant pear at the end of the level. If the ape bites into the fruit, he is taken to the battle against Gloat-Hog.

Level Layout[edit]

The level begins in a dark room consisting of a few Puchigaerus. Large, yellow cogs are partially buried in the background here, and a Helper Monkey is at the end of the room on a rope. Another one of these monkeys is on a line above this, and some bananas are located around it. The two helpers can freely move along the ropes while throwing Donkey Kong around the area. A lone Helper Monkey on a bush is above the two monkeys on the ropes, and it has the ability to throw the ape to a set of two more Helper Monkeys on ropes. These two monkeys can throw the ape back and fourth as they move upwards to help him reach another Helper Monkey. This monkey throws him to some bananas and to another Helper Monkey on a rope. A platform is located below this monkey to catch the ape if he falls. The Helper Monkey on the rope can throw the Kong to a new room, where there is a Helibird. A few pink flowers producing wind are under the Helibird, and many cannonballs shoot from the small Tusk enemies around the area.

The Helibird can fly Donkey Kong to the highest point in the tall, yellow room, where there is a small gap leading to some more pink flowers and a lone Banana Bunch. The wind being produced by the flowers forces the Helibird to the ground, causing it to disappear. Many small fairies are flying around in this area, and if they are hit by a sound wave, they form a trampoline that can bounce the ape to some bananas and onto a conveyor belt. The belt is on the side of the wall, so the ape can grip onto it to move upwards. Another conveyor belt is on the other wall in the room, and jumping off of it takes the ape to Flurl. The squirrel buddy can help the ape parachute through a room full of cannonballs. An electrical chord is at the bottom of the area as well, but a ledge is near the end of the wire, so the squirrel can carry the Kong there. Bananas and Banana Bunches are on the way to this ledge, and some small fairies float at the corner of the room. The creatures can form a trampoline that can bounce Donkey Kong to three sets of Helper Monkeys, who are all on ropes. The monkeys can throw him to a slanted pathway. A purple flower grows here, and if it is hit by one of the ape's sound waves, it can push him up to a Helibird.

This buddy can take the ape into a large room full a huge, brown cogs. The ape must maneuver the Helibird around the cogs well, or else it can hit into a cog and disappear. At the top-right part of the room, there is a small passage leading to some bananas and a smaller room. In the area, there is a Hatchīfu. Once this foe is defeated, the Helibird disappears, and a Helper Monkey appears in a nearby bush. The monkey can throw Donkey Kong through the gap in the ceiling, which is filled with many bananas. The gap makes a small U curve, and then leads into a new area, where there are many round platforms swaying back and fourth. There are giant spikes on each of them and they are covered with a few Kamikamies. The platforms can be climbed to reach a group of three Helper Monkeys. The monkey in the center of the group can throw the ape upwards to some bananas and to a larger area. In this area, Donkey Kong runs into a Helibird, who can fly him around the obstacles in the large, round room. A large wall blocks the left side of the room, and a small gap is located near the entrance of it. The gap is occupied by two Banana Bunches and a Helibird, who can help the ape if he loses his other Helibird.

A giant Banana Bunch is at the top part of the room. Once it is collected, the wall blocking the other end of the room begins to move, allowing the ape to progress. Another gap is on the left side of the area's perimeter, and it is filled with some more Banana Bunches and another Helibird. A third gap is a the higher parts of the room, and, as the two small gaps before, it has some Banana Bunches and a Helibird. At the top center of the area, there is a narrow passage leading upwards to another room. In this room, a giant, sparkling pear can be found growing on a tree branch. Some Banana Bunches are also located at the top-left corner of the room. If Donkey Kong bites into the pear in the area, the level ends.

VS. Gloat-Hog[edit]

Gloat Hog is then encountered in a volcano-like setting. He looks like all other Hog bosses, but with black skin and a grey Mohawk. During the battle, Gloat-Hog will attack by using the other Hog's attacks: throwing durians electrified coconuts, charging near the opponent and slashing, and firing mentally created spheres of electricity. After losing half his health, Gloat-Hog gains the ability swiftly move between platforms. After being defeated, he will fall to the ground in defeat, unconscious.