DISCLAIMER: This stuff was written back in 2008, so it's a bit out of date, but I can't bring myself to delete it all.

Gaby, The DS Fanatic

Hi My name's Gaby. I'm 13 years old and well...that's all I want to give to you.

I like...no, I'm addicted to Mario games. Go Nintendo! Sony are copycats.

If you want to find me, go to pages for DS games. That's the only console I have.


  1. Make as many Yoshi's Island DS level pages
  2. Help change errors and typos in pages
  3. Become known on the Super Mario Wiki
  4. Get my DS touch screen working again
Purple Yoshi's Userboxes
Sprite of the Box and the Package from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door


3D model. By Girrrtacos.

I joined in the middle of March, 2007 (I NEED to remember that for future times).

I am one of the only people who thinks Boos are cute. My six-year-old cousin comes up to me and says "If a Boo wasn't shy and and went like this *makes weird face* when you looked at them would you find it cute?"
"Yes!" I said. "Boos will always be cute until the end of the earth."

THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU to SpriteArk for fixing up my userboxes.

Do you remember what you thought of Mario back then? I called Goombas brown things, Koopas Turtle things, and I remember asking SpriteArk "Why is it called Super Mario 64? Has there been 64 Super Mario games?"

What happened to YOU! Reply on my talk page.

Videogame History in my Opinion

I just made up this randomly:
News Reader: The Nintendo 64 is a HUGE hit! Today, hundreds of thousands of people flock to get one!
-T.V switches off-
Head of Sony: That's it boys. Our competition.
Sony Guy: What's Nintendo got to do with us failing?
HoS: SILENCE YOU FOOL! Now, people everywhere are getting Nintendo. Every.One.Every.Where. Nobody cares about are T.V's and stereos. Only video games.
Another Sony Guy: What about Atari?
HoS: Atari has failed miserably. It is time to do it ourself. Get our best spy. We're going to Japan.

-Japanese Music-
Sony Spy: C'mon, lets go.

SS: Phew! I got in. Now to look at those plans for 64.
[SS steals plans and heads to HoS]
HoS(at HQ): Well done! Now I see these plans, and understand them. Our console will be bigger, bolder, and better than anything else in the WORLD! It will be... the PlayStationTM.

My, and my Boo's sprites

Gallery of favorite characters

Games I have

Yoshi Touch & Go: Fun game, when your touch screen works.
Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire: Why did I mention this?
Warioware: Twisted: Addictive. I lost this game for unknown reasons.
Shrek Superslam: I got this as a prize. Don't buy it, it's HORRIBLE!
Super Princess Peach: It's so fun. I admit it, I have got stuck at the game.
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time: Ooooh, RPG. I'm stuck at the L33t Br0z, but who cares.
Yoshi's Island DS: This is my favorite game I own. I'm stuck on Level 5-1. Care to help me?
Animal Crossing: Wild World: I had to start this game from scratch after an accident. Never play Animal Crossing in someone else's DS unless they have their DS as the same time as you..
Mario Party DS: I don't know how to compare this to other Mario Party games, as I've never played one. Well, I played a few rounds of Mario Party 5, but that was years ago.
Guitar Hero: On Tour: I miss the Guitar, but it's still awesome.

Games I don't have, but I've played

Super Mario 64 DS: This game was TOO addictive.
Mario Kart DS: This is the best Mario Kart game EVER!
Warioware: Touched: I prefer Twisted.
New Super Mario Bros: Fun, but it's missing something.
Wii Sports & Wii Play: Those are FUN with a capital F.
Super Smash Bros. Melee: Teh awesomeness!
Warioware: Smooth Moves: My favorite WW game now.
Super Paper Mario: Ok, I just watched this game. It is so cool!
Super Mario Galaxy: Completely awesome!!!

Read this or I will eat your soul!

Status: Thinking of idea for comic 3.
Yes, I am making a comic for unknown reasons. Please sign up...unless your some random person without sprites. Sign up here User:Purple Yoshi/comic

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Comic 2 (in 2 parts, it's too big to upload in one.) [[1]]

Comic 3 [[3]]

My life on Mario Wiki

I don't know how I found this. I think I was searching "Mario" on Google and I decided to check this out. For me, this was amazing. I spent around a month putting Mario information in my brain until...i saw it. The log in/create account link. I made an account called "Purple Yoshi" (it was going to be "Peach", but that was taken). Shortly after making the talk page, 3D said Hi. Then my life began.

Who's near you!

I wonder how this works. Found this nifty tag on Great Gonzo's talk page.

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