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“They Tried to Bury Us, They Didn’t Know We Were Seeds”
Dinos Christianopoulos

The Plums of Liberation
Full name Plumber, D, Daniel Webster, Xzelion 2.0‎, Plums, Plum
Species Human (allegedly)
First appearance January 20, 2007 (10 years before doomsday)
Latest appearance Retired
Portrayed by Themself

Plumber (username history: Plumber -> D -> Plumber -> Daniel Webster -> Plumber -> Xzelion 2.0 -> Plumber), usually shortened to Plums or Plum, is the founder of the Fantendo wiki and the third director of The 'Shroom, where they initiated the tradition of director elections. They are the elder brother of Beanbean, who is now a game developer.


Plumber joined the Super Mario Wiki on January 20th, 2007 and first became notable after his involvement with the Cheese Craze of '07, which began his close associations with HK-47, Xzelion, Max2, 3Dejong, and YellowYoshi398. He was also closely associated with his brother Bean, RAP, WarioLoaf, Phoenix Rider, and Pokemon DP at various points during his active userhood. Plumber was closely involved significant events in during his tenure such as the Cheese Craze, the Willy Event, the Wiki Drought, and the first MarioWiki Awards Show. Though he was only an active user for exactly one year due to his responsibilities with Fantendo, Plumber remains an infamous member of the community, and is regarded as a weird uncle during a great era of expansion in the wiki community.


In the aftermath of the Cheese Craze of '07, Plumber became well known for salvaging the history of the event.

Cheese Craze of '07

He first stumbled upon the wiki to edit the Bowser article. Looking back, he says that his edit to Bowser was worded very poorly. He later got his brother Beanbean to join and they almost got blocked by Paper Jorge, who believed Bean was a sock puppet. Originally, Plumber was a minor user who was helped by users such as KPH2293. He also helped Xzelion with some advice and made a friendship with him.

Later Plumber interfered with a two-way conversation between HK-47 and YellowYoshi398 about cheese. After Plumber, more users joined in the discussion about cheese, and the Cheese Craze of '07 began. The Cheese Lovers had fun posting pictures that were edited to have cheese in them, though later Paper Jorge deleted them. Luckily, Plumber managed to copy all the text in time, which salvaged the fun times. The text can still be viewed today.


After the Cheese Craze, he became more well-known (even being nominated for sysophood in the brief Sysop Polls), and became an active member of the MarioWiki community, and was one of the few users on the chatroom. He was notorious for spamming the chatroom (and forum sometimes) with Xzelion and RAP. Ironically, both of his spamming buddies would later become Bureaucrats. This led to Wayoshi putting ChanServ on the chatroom. To test his op powers, Wayoshi kicked and banned Plumber, making him the first user to be kicked/banned from the chatroom.

Plumber was later made a patroller and patrolled the Recent Changes often, but whenever he caught a troll, Xzelion blocked them before Plumber could, and he only ended up blocking three trolls during his patrolhood. Due to his spammy behavior and seemingly slacking of the job, he was demoted by Wayoshi. After Plumber was demoted from Patroller, Xzelion and Plumber joked that if Plumber was slightly faster, he could have become a Bureaucrat and Xzelion would have been demoted instead.

After he was demoted, he became more focused on sprite comics than editing and joined the growing UnMario Wiki during the Wiki Drought. He also founded Fantendo during this period. After UnMario's popularity died down, he became active again.

Willy Event

Real documentary footage of Wayoshi unmasked as Willy.

After tricking User:Mr.Vruet to spamming IRC Darkmyst Admin komies' query in chat, he was server killed for a week. During this time, he chatted with HK-47 on the mozilla server and also played blackjack with him online which led to a great friendship. HK later revived the "Tenacious Three" and invited Plumber to join. Around this time, Master Crash asked Plumber to help him found, Userpedia, a wiki for user material]]. However, Plumber declined, being busy enough with Fantendo. Plumber would later join Userpedia and quickly become a sysop and bureaucrat there. This page was originally taken from the Userpedia page of Plumber, since it’s more or less accurate.

During the Willy Event, Plumber often tried to outwit the troll, and once succeeded in calming him down. However, since Wayoshi was actually Willy, it was not more of Plumber's wit than Wayoshi's acting. He was one of the few later present at a time when Wayoshi lost control of himself and stated his famous "THAT MAKES ME UPSET" quote to HK-47. HK threatened to blackmail Wayoshi by telling Porplemontage what had happened, and this and the feigned retirement of KPH led Wayoshi to hang up his Willy mantle, temporarily.

Plumber was present when Wayoshi later cracked and admitted he was Willy. Wayoshi was forced to resign, but Plumber forgave him for his disgusting behavior. Wayoshi later joined the Tenacious Three, replacing Bean. The three most often played cards together on the mozilla server.

Rising in the Ranks

Plumber enjoyed a brief period of ascension in the ranks of the wiki during the summer of 2007. When HK-47, also known as Sadaharu, became the new director of The 'Shroom, Plumber became the editor-in-chief. While it was tough due to the Shroom being delayed due to the "Wiki Drought", Plumber and HK eventually got the issues out. During the Drought, Plumber and many others became active on HK and Xzelion's Userpedia. Many comics were made, and Plumber later made the comic Troll Tragedies. It was rarely read due to its length, though those who did read it found it entertaining.

Later, Plumber helped undo Max2's spam on the User: Pokemon DP, and put one of his acts of vandalism as a quote on Userpedia. This made Max2 enraged, so he decided to blank his userpage and flame users. Plumber later blocked him, which sent Max2 into a rage where he spammed MarioWiki, consequently being blocked permanently by Cobold. Xzelion later extended Max2's ban on Userpedia to infinite, believing he had had enough chances.

After Sadaharu retired, Plumber became the third Director of The 'Shroom and head of the Tenacious Trio. Plumber changed many aspects of The 'Shroom during his time as the director, and promoted it heavily throughout the wiki. He was later promoted to the patroller rank once again by Xzelion.

His second time as a patroller was not very notable on the wiki. Shortly after his promotion he tricked Xzelion to changing his username to "D" for thirty seconds, and was surprised he was not reprimanded. On the chatroom he became an op who believed in moral justice and kicked people who broke the rules, even other operators or himself - something that was rarely done at that time. Pokemon DP later convinced Porplemontage to demote him from operator status after DP and Plumber had got into an argument about Maka.


Plumber retired from the Super Mario Wiki due to his Fantendo responsibilities leading him to lose interest in the wiki. Most of the community he liked best had either moved to Userpedia or retired. This irritated Xzelion who said that Plumber was apparently being considered as a possible sysop if he had stayed. When hearing this, Plumber said that whoever would want to promote him should be declared insane and refused to return. The patroller rank was abolished shortly after Plumber retired, meaning that if he had waited a little while longer he would have become a sysop.

Upon learning this, Plumber told Xzelion he was cursed, and Xzelion (who was now retired as well), stated he shouldn't have retired. Plumber revealed that as a sysop the only things he would be able to do is delete things, which he can simply flag for deletion, become a chatroom op, which he finds boring, patrol the recent changes, which he finds much more boring, access the Sysop Boards, which he loathes and does not want to be a part of, and edit protected pages. Plumber concluded that protected pages aren't worth it, and asked Xzelion if Xzelion would have stayed if Plumber had retired.

Plumber continued to edit Userpedia, although infrequently. Shortly after Userpedia's Scribblewiki fall, Plumber decided to retire from Userpedia as well since nearly all of his original friends were either retired or severely inactive. In retirement Plumber was offered a position by SMB that made him "de facto sysop emeritus" in the hope that he would be more active. This included membership to the sysop boards, an exclusive interview in The 'Shroom, and an offer of renewed sysophood on Userpedia; Plumber reluctantly accepted it all.

After Xzelion returned and HK-47 was banned, Xzelion considered Plumber to become a Bureaucrat if he became active again. But Plumber declined and decided to run for Poll Chair against SMB in honor of HK and co-sponsor a proposal with Xzelion to eliminate proposals. The proposal was defeated after Walkazo galvanized opposition. He had 2257 change his name to Xzelion 2.0, after initially considering "Phoenix Rider 2.0", "Phoenix Rider 47", and "Great Gonzo 398". He also tried to find out the identity of Plumber690, some no-name troll. After a few days, 2257 came under other pressure, and Plumber (able to watch the events unfold in the sysop boards) decided to change his name back to spare 2257 pointless drama. Ironically, Plumber resigned during the election and nominated Walkazo for crathood. May she Rest In Peace.

Nowadays Plumber checks up on Fantendo, rarely edits MarioWik. He said he might return to MarioWiki to get 10,000 edits, because he finds having a small number, like over 9000, annoying, but not anytime soon.


The Lost Adventures

Plumber appears late in the series and so far has only made a very small cameo. Frijjle and Bekam were inhabiting his summer villa, and he burst in on them, demanding who they were and why they were in his villa. Pretending they were tax collectors, Plumber, who was in debt for buying the villa, tried to flee, but was defeated in one blow.

Wiki's End

Plumber joins Steve's search party to search for 3dejong, but however once Steve is killed by Jakebastille, Plumber forms his own search party with HyperToad, DarkInsanity, MarioBros777, and Iceyoshi; later, Lil'Boo and TehBooKid join. Then Plumber's search party goes to Orangeline where Dry Bones Junior joins the party.

When Sysops Attack!

Plumber, Purple Yoshi, and Shroobario rescue Silver Mario from Max2 and Minimariolover10, who were about to attack him. After the two are defeated, Plumber gets Silver Mario to join their club, under the alias of "LoL iNtErNeT", in which users hack so other users are renamed "Rosy Buttcheeks". He uses this to change Steve's name to Rosy Buttcheeks who then summons YellowYoshi398 to find and track down the sender. YellowYoshi then arrives at the cafe where he is about to trace the message, but Plumber then jumps on his head and exclaims "GAH! I'M A LION!" and tries to escape but fails.

YellowYoshi figured out it was Plumber and was about to block him until Steve came and re-promoted Plumber to the Patroller rank. Plumber then returns to Xzelion, Silver Mario, and Master Crash's house, asking if Master Crash wanted to join his club. Instead of Master Crash being home, Xzelion and Eggbert were there instead. Eggbert warn the other users that Xzelion is being controlled by Agent Smokescreen. Xzelion decides to make his house their new Headquarters when Pokemon DP, Iggly, Arend, and RAP arrive on the scene to stop Xzelion. After being defeated, he and Xzelion make an escape to an alley where they were going to plan what they would do next. He was left behind when Xzelion was teleported to Mr. 101. Soon after, Plumber was found still in the alley by Steve and put onto the MarioWiki 8:15 plane to find the Silent Strikers's HQ. After the plane crash-lands onto an uncharted island, he is next seen escaping with Lario on Jack's boat after being chased by ChaosNinji and Paper Jorge.

Friday Night Live / The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo

Plumber makes three brief cameos in both of Jorge's late night talk shows. In Friday Night Live, he asks Bean about how his date with Jorge went in Episode 5. In The Tonight Show, he makes a brief cameo in Episode 8 being harassed by the Derpy_Hooves bot. In Episode 9, he appears as an audience member.


While usually goofy and aloof, Plumber can be serious at times. He is often very random which gets on some users' nerves to a great extent that in fact he was so wild and unruly that he even lost his job as a Patroller. His randomness is most often expressed in the running gag of his father-son relationship with Bottle Wizzerd and his "GAR I'M A LION!" quote. Culture, particularly the manga One Piece has also influenced Plumber to insert certain words and phrases in his sentences. Examples of this include inserting the word SUPER (and to a lesser extent: GNARLY, MONDO, TUBULAR, GROOVY, PASSION, etc.) in his sentences, and ending sayings with the phrase "[Do it]... with a DON!" He also has the unique laugh of "yohohohofosfosfosfos," which is a combination of Brook and Dr. Hogback's laughs from One Piece.


Plumber's sprites. If you're lucky they didn't load and your eyes are spared from seeing such a despairing image.

Plumber's sprites were based on a bearded version Jumpman's official artwork, though with the color scheme Mario had in Mario Bros. Due to this, Plumber looks like a bearded red and blue Waluigi with white disco shoes. Originally, Plumber's nose was red as a baby due to frequent sunburns, but however, in his adult life, he finally got it looking back to normal. Unfortunately, the Posh Master punched Plumber after losing a contest, which distorted its shape and turned it permanently red. Under his cap is a balding haircut, though sometimes he dons an embarrassingly big afro wig to hide it. Plumber also occasionally wears purple shades, a bowler hat, or a sombrero.

Relationships with Other Users


“Op for me?"
"I think I'll sysop Willy on Wheels instead.”
Plumber & Xzelion

Plumber and Xzelion started out as friends, but their relationship had many ups-and-downs, even to the extreme of being enemies for a while. However, they later balanced out to good friends. Xzelion was the primary reason Plumber returned to the chatroom after his retirement.


Plumber and Sadaharu (though Plumber prefers to call him HK) were involved in the Cheese Craze together, which made Plumber idolize HK. Plumber believed that more users (such as himself) could rise to the sysop rank and still be mellow and fun-loving instead of changing to strict people like Wayoshi. After HK was demoted, Plumber protested often, but was ignored. HK later talked to Plumber in the mozilla server when he was server killed. This led to a great strengthening of their friendship. When HK became director of The 'Shroom, he appointed Plumber as his Editor-in-Chief. Plumber still talks to him to this day.

Brother Bean

“I really want to say... I love you, Plumber. You are the bestest big brother ever :)"
"Shut up, I'm busy.”
Plumber and Bean, Chatroom

Plumber's relationship with Beanbean has been the longest out of all the users on the site, due to the fact that they are siblings. Plumber and Bean are good friends, but like all siblings, fight sometimes. Plumber usually helps Bean out with wiki coding and the like. Bean now develops video games professionally, and Plumber cannot be more proud of him.


"No wai."
"Yes wai."
"Yeah Larry. Or Yeah Lario."”
Plumber and Lario, Somewhere

Plumber befriended Mr. Guy, originally known as Lario, quickly because he reminded him of how Xzelion was when he first joined. The two became friends and some called Lario "Plumber 2" due to the fact that he repeated many of Plumber's mannerisms. However, the two never got to talk much for a significant time due to Lario losing his password often.


"Aafisodfjsodifjsoidj? Ssodifjsodifjo!"
"Ssodifjsodifjo osidjfosdjfos!"
RAP and Plumber spamming, Chatroom

Plumber and RAP originally spammed together, but after RAP was promoted, RAP stopped spamming, which led to Plumber feeling lonely. However, they continued to role-play many things, and once role-played for four hours. When RAP was promoted again, however, their relationship diminished as RAP and Plumber stopped role-playing and now simply reminded themselves about old times well spent. RAP is notable for giving Plumber his commonly used nickname "PLUMs".

Papa Bottle Wizzerd

Plumber liked to say random things and role-play often, which one time led to him calling another user his father. Surprisingly, Bottle Wizzerd kept the joke, and the two often acted out humorous improvised plays together. The father-son act is one of the longest running jokes on the wiki.


“I understand that this IS Bolton."
"Why, yes it is."
"YOU told me it was Espswitch."
"... ... ... It was a pun."”
Plumber and DP acting out the Dead Parrot Sketch, Chatroom

Plumber became good friends with DP when he first joined, and was the user to urge him to join the chatroom. However, DP later got stricter, and the friendship failed. It was later revived when Plumber discovered they shared a liking of Monty Python, which led to the creation of "Monty Mole's Flying Fax Machine". Plumber also stated that his life's goal was to buy Pokemon DP a feathered cap on his wedding day. He later used this to prove that he was the real Plumber to Crypt Raider and expose his impostor. However, now they rarely interact.


“THE ******* HELPED ME BLOW UP NEPTUNE! And it was fun.”
Super-Yoshi, TWo

Plumber was introduced to Super-Yoshi by Bean, and brawled with him often. However, Plumber usually lost, due to Super-Yoshi's mastery of Mario. This led to Super-Yoshi and Plumber hating each other, because Plumber complained that he put the damage ratio to 2.0 and wouldn't turn off the items. However, somewhere along the line, the two became friends, and later brothers after Super-Yoshi introduced Plumber to Territory Wars Online. SY and Plumber usually play Territory Wars Online all the time together, and once destroyed the planet Neptune, not to be confused with the user, in a record-long battle that lasted until 4:30 A.M.

Plumber's Userbox Tower
“YOu ain't seen NOTHING yet.... >:D

I wonder if this guy had to say Cheese for the picture...”

  3D, say cheese! $H33$3!  

...Wait, why are you still here? >.> Go away, ribbit ribbit ..