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Brawl Tactics

by th_DimentioSigLeft.png Dom »» McTalk th_SMKDimentiobyStooben.png

Ohai, peoples. While I am for the most part retired from this Wiki, I shall continue to write my absolutely terrible Shroom sections, for fear of disappointing the new overlord who carries many sinister punishment devices designed for slackers who forget to hand up the Shroom section on time. But luckily, I'm almost on time nearly everywhere...

So, who will I cover this week? Well, here are a few clues:

  1. He's cooler than Mario.
  2. He chose the superior colour to red, which Mario was left with.
  3. His shoes probably have banana oil on their soles.
  4. He can do awesome taunts compared to that other guy.

Yes, it's Luigi. (O RLY?)


It's hard to say whether he's better or worse than Mario overall, but they certainly play much differently. Luigi's attacks are often riskier to use due to the vulnerability period which occurs if you miss. But when they do connect, the effects are somewhat awesome. That's a good thing.

So, about his special moves. First, his Standard Special: Fireball. It just generally sucks. In fact, it's quite pathetic compared to the projectiles of many other characters. Why? Well, it moves slowly, has limited range... and even if it does hit, it's not exactly deadly. And even worse, it's not particularly spammable due to its delay between each fireball. So if you're a noob who spams, don't try it with Luigi. And remember, spammers don't win, plus everyone hates them.

The green dude's Side Special is much better in comparison. The "Green Missile" attack can be used instantly without charging up, but is rather weak when utilized this way. So it's best to charge it up for a few seconds, as it also launches you further. It should be noted that this is one of Luigi's 2 move that can be used for recovering off edges; this one is obviously for large horizontal gaps, as Super Jump Punch is only for vertical recovery. Whatever you do, don't use this attack against good projectile users. They'll easily disrupt your charging-up with a ranged attack. This attack is better to use in battles against multiple opponents; when they are all close together and fighting each other, you should easily hit at least one in the crowd as long as you don't charge for ages and give them time to evade it.

Super Jump Punch (the Up Special) is hard to use, but when it works it's just epic pwnage. First of all, do not use it on opponents with low damage percentages. This attack is not worth the risk until you know it is capable of knocking them off the stage. When the time is right, first think about what type of player the opponent is. If they're the type that dodge all the time, you'll have a hard time trying to hit them. If they're offensive freaks, this move should work well on them. Either wait for them to close in on you as they attempt a melee attack, or do a quick sideways dodge up to them and unleash the move instantly. If it hits at very close range, it can easily KO an opponent. Another good situation for this move is against crowds of opponents; quickly roll into the group and attempt the move, as you have a good chance of hitting at least one noob.

The Down Special move is the Luigi Cyclone. This move can be charged up, but not for long before the attack is automatically executed. Interestingly, this move sucks opponents into Luigi like a vacuum cleaner (possibly a Luigi's Mansion reference?). So you don't have to be quite as close to hit an opponent. When they are drawn into you, Luigi will swiftly punch them away from himself, inflicting decent damage. When used on opponents that are not grounded, this will launch them upwards for a bit, so you can quickly follow up with a powerful upward smash (or a Super Jump Punch if you want to take the risk). This move is also effective when you're surrounded by several opponents, as it clears them out while also dealing minor pwnage.

And now for his Final Smash - Negative Zone. It's one of the more effective Final Smashes, but not on large stages (you know, like the Temple from Melee). If your opponent/s are outside of the area of effect, they're basically not going to take any effect from it unless they're dumb enough to walk right into the Negative Zone. This Final Smash is best to use when surrounded, although your opponents will likely be running all over the place to avoid this happening. One good way to use it is to first trap them by moving them close to an edge, but make sure you don't let them jump over you to escape. One of the unique aspects of this Final Smash is that its effects are random - therefore a bit of luck is needed to score an easy KO. If your opponent is affected by the dizzy/stunned status condition, it goes without saying that you can fully charge a deadly smash attack and KO them. Opponents hit while within a Negative Zone fly further than if they were outside of it. But just think... if they can't move... you have the perfect opportunity to Super Jump Punch them into oblivion! So have fun.

Oh, one thing I didn't mention about Luigi is how awesome his Side Smash is. It executes very swiftly and causes an impressive amount of damage. I've scored many KOs from using that move.

Well, that's it for this issue. I bet nobody will read this... oh well, I have to do my job to avoid the divine wrath of Stooben Rooben, and his helper Tucayo.