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Beta Elements

by LuigiZ3r0 Tw0Zerotwo.jpg
Hello everyone! In this month's Beta Elements, we will be looking at:
Super Mario Galaxy

Here are the Facts

  1. A demonstration galaxy named Star World was revealed during E3 2006. Rabbits and Cosmic Toads wandered the area, giving hints as to what to do.
  2. The life meter had 8 wedges of health instead of only three.
  3. The star bit counter had a scale out of 100, meaning only 100 star bits were in each galaxy.
  4. Rosalina had a different design, and was also planned to be related to Princess Peach.

Fact 1. Having this planet would have completely redesigned the game. With no Lumas, that meant there was no Rosalina or Comet Observatory. This would even mean that galaxies were accessed differently. The game wouldn't really seem all that interesting without the Comet Observatory as the main hub. This exclusion of Rosalina would even alter future games, such as Mario Kart Wii.

Fact 2. With 8 wedges of health, the game would be much easier than with the three. With 8, that meant there were probably no Life Shrooms, and it could also mean there was more hazards and harder bosses to get around. It would have made the game more Super Mario 64/Sunshine like, with bosses and enemies that are more numerous and try to attack more.

Fact 3. X/100 star bits? That would change the entire game so much. With only 100 star bits are allowed, there were probably no Hungry Lumas. Perhaps this meant to be like the 100 coins missions in the earlier games, where getting 100 coins grants a star. This could also mean that Purple Comets would not appear in the game.

Fact 4. Rosalina in her different design would probably not have changed much of the game, but being related to Peach would have probably changed up a few things. The Storybook may have been different, possibly talking about Rosalina and Peach playing as children and the like. Being related may have also changed up the ending, making it more like a family reuinion between Peach and Rosalina. Rosalina may have also called Peach my cousin or sister, however they were related, instead of Mario's "special one" like in the final game.

So overall, these beta elements would've changed the game majorly. The ones that might be for the better would have been facts 2 and 4. The game would've displayed more of a challenge in number 2, and number 4 probably would've made a deeper, more emotional plot. So, that's it for this month's edition of Beta Elements!