The 'Shroom:Issue XII/Director's Notes

Director's Notes

Ahem, lot's of thing happened on this wiki last month. Previous 'Shroom Director Plumber (talk) grew tired of his position and organisated an election. After a long electorial process, I was chosen to be the new 'Shroom Director.

About this month issue, the "Fun Stuff" section now posses two new writers. InfectedShroom (talk) now host a "Find the Difference"-style game and King Mario (talk) now coauthor the Riddles with Storm Yoshi (talk). Both the Upcoming Games and Monthly report section makes a comeback, although the former will be slightly late. The New Fake News Director 3Dejong (talk) decided to delay the Fake News because a few section were late. Sorry for the inconvenience. Anyway, for all the 'Shroom writers out there, the next 'Shroom issue is due March 8th.

Hope you enjoyed this 'Shroom Issue. --Blitzwing (talk · gnome work)