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Awards Mafia IV Thoughts

by Super-Yoshi (talk)

Hey its tfp here again, no i'm not doing a review (although look out for the christmas issue cause im probably gonna be back with M&L :>) but instead this time I was asked to commentate on mafia and how we won!

So I'm just gonna give the rundown of what happened, I got my role and I was like shiet man not bad at all, the doc is pretty good. Instantly formed an alliance with people on #mariowiki and we went from there. So pretty much I guess we'd pick off people who we thought were suspicious and strategize from there.

The first big even that probably happened was Turb getting DragonFreak's pm about a nightkill, something that was a heartbreaker for the robots. He tried to make a plan to swap and kill her but it backfired as the mafia targeted her and the kill went to Turb, so rip. He was a bro, so obviously had to kill the perpetrator (we assumed it was DF but it wasn't, still tho).

We lynched the robot godfather, and everything was smooth sailing from there, I guess FE kinda fucked up by defending his gf but yo, you gotta yolo it sometimes.

Now the mafia godfather, Nabber, fucked himself when he tried to lynch my bro Uniju. You don't fuck with the bros. That's why we won the game in the end. I'm just saying, don't bring personal relationships in a mafia game, but the bros are a hidden alliance and if you fuck with one, you're fucking with all of them. We took down the godfather and we recruited Crackin to our "xbox hueg allience", as Turb coined. Vocal Beat was a strong member of our squad as well, we couldn't have won the game without him. All of us kept picking off members one by one, we made an awesome vigkill combo with Crackin + Uniju on NSY, who by chance, was the redirector, so I woulda been fucked if his action got through lol. It was pure luck, (it was actually god, see below for tribute). LN1, S2D, and some others helped me out too. Props to them for their plays.

Freakworld and Stargazing died by Icemario (azunyan <3) and it was all good. LTQ also got killed for fuckin with the bros lol, like shit home boy i keep telling you but you don't listen to me. You gotta listen to me next game cause right now it's 2/2 for you being dead and both of those reasons were for fucken with the bros. So don't fuck with the bros next time and we wont go after you. Toad85 got the message, shout out to my boy T85 for getting the message.

We eventually got rid of them all, so shout out to the all the home boys that helped us win to victory. B45 and Smasher really confused us in the end, with B45 getting converted and Smasher being on irc and not really doing anything lol. The FE claim really fucked it for them, and they probably would've survived a few more nights, maybe even win, if it wasn't for that. The vigkill by NSM was great, well played dude.

The third parties didn't really do much, pirates were inactive and robots kinda fucked it for themselves, as you can see above. Shout out to my boy Stooben though for keepin it real, im gonna give my home boy some tokens cause he got in the game and literally died 5 min later :(.

I just gotta say though I'm really surprised how I lived through that whole game lol, the mafia tried to kill me pretty much from night 1 and they failed every time. I want to thank god for all the pro evades she gave me, and the super shroom that I used on night 10. Thank you god, please keep accelerating. Here's a homage to our god Suguri. #evade4ever

Issue XC
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