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Uniju and Turb are going places man I mean really hey whenever someone edits this long title it will screw up recent changes and it will kill all the formatting for the shroom lol

by Uniju :D (talk) & Turboo (talk)

[22:54] turb hi
[22:54] Uniju yo
[22:54] turb anything you'd like to start off with before i begin asking questions
[22:54] Uniju nope!
[22:54] turb okey
[22:55] turb what do you think you've contributed to the community in the time that you've been here
[22:56] Uniju barrels of laughs and a general good time, also i rewrote the chat rules along with hk in like 2009
[22:56] turb cool
[22:56] Uniju yeah man
[22:56] turb i forgot to ask this but apparently it's proper conduct
[22:56] turb how did you find the mariowiki
[22:57] Uniju i went there to find some cool mario facts and then one day i decided to join the chatroom because i was bored
[22:57] Uniju i dont remember how i found it to begi nwith but thats how i joined
[22:57] turb yeah i think thats how most of us start out
[22:57] turb just looking for some cool mario facts
[22:57] turb and our database of cool mario facts has really grown over the years and that's how we've got all our users
[22:57] turb but anyway
[22:58] turb what led to you rewriting the chat rules with hk
[22:58] Uniju well, the younguns may not remember this, but the chatroom was plagued with a load of bullshit back then, which led to the rules being rewritten a handful of times
[22:59] Uniju and eventually the split
[23:05] turb yeah i remember the split
[23:05] turb it was kind of a mess
[23:05] turb i have to say i don't remember hk being around for redoing the rules though
[23:05] turb at least not in 2009
[23:06] Uniju that's understandable, he didn't stick around too long
[23:06] Uniju he came in and fixed shit and left again
[23:06] Uniju like a
[23:06] Uniju like somebody who does that kind of thing
[23:08] turb yeah i feel like there's a word for that but i can't think of it
[23:08] turb can you tell me more about how you came into possession of the current #mariowiki
[23:08] turb (i already know this its for the viewers(
[23:08] turb )
[23:09] Uniju well, that was the split. there had been talk of a split for a while, since a few users who i won't name for their own safety were highly dissatisfied with the way me and my associate bill were running the place
[23:09] Uniju they had gone off and made their own channel in protest and eventually i guess the sysops got fed up with the drama
[23:09] Uniju so me and bill got #mariowiki, and they went off to the new hotness #mwchat
[23:10] Uniju or, actually
[23:10] Uniju #mwikitalk? there was another one before #mwchat that was for ~serious~ discussion, while #mwchat was for goofing off
[23:10] Uniju which eventually died, or got repurposed or something, and you don't hear about that place anymore
[23:10] Uniju nowawadays it's all #mwchat
[23:11] turb yeah i recall #mwikitalk
[23:11] turb i think it was used for on-topic wiki discussion and the like and obviously no one needed a channel specifically for that
[23:11] turb before the split i remember a bunch of people made channels where swearing was allowed or whatever
[23:11] Uniju yeah
[23:12] turb fortunately there hasn't been a lot of drama since the split
[23:12] Uniju i can't say i remember much about the particular rules that people were upset about, i would have guessed swearing would have been allowed in #mariowiki well before the split but
[23:12] turb i dunno
[23:12] Uniju yeah, i guess the new op team is probably doing a better job than i did in that regard. :-P
[23:12] turb i remember everyone got angry if you said an uncensored swear word
[23:12] turb for a while
[23:13] turb i can't think of any other rules that would cause such an uproar
[23:13] turb maybe it was just general op abuse in the old mariowiki
[23:13] turb i won't name names but there were a few that weren't doing their job very well
[23:13] turb not you lol
[23:13] turb i can't talk about my interviewee that way
[23:14] Uniju well yeah, people used to flip out about swearing
[23:14] Uniju particularly back in 2007
[23:14] Uniju i remember one time thoough
[23:15] Uniju i don't remember if it was just some random hit-and-run troll or if it was maka or somebody, but somebody posted a highly inappropriate flash animation
[23:15] turb go on
[23:15] Uniju and wayoshi, who was in charge of shit back then, managed to get away with saying "fuck" simply because he felt it was the most accurate description of the content
[23:15] Uniju i thought that was funny at the time, DP thought it was an outrage
[23:15] Uniju looking back i guess it's probably neither
[23:16] turb was that back when the chatroom was a forum page
[23:16] turb i seem to remember it being hosted on there
[23:16] turb but i wasn't a user at the time
[23:16] Uniju i'm sure it would still have been a forum page at the time, but by the time i joined it was also on the wiki
[23:17] Uniju i didn't join the forum until well after i joined the chatroom
[23:17] Uniju but i do know i found the chat page on the forum later, after i did join
[23:19] turb oh i see
[23:19] turb i can't think of any other good questions
[23:20] Uniju i would suggest some but that would be cheating
[23:20] turb i guess you can
[23:20] turb i can just cut them out later
[23:20] Uniju i cant suggest questions for you to ask me
[23:21] turb im dead
[23:21] Uniju that would just be me picking things to say about myself and then saying them
[23:21] turb yeah but this is awkward
[23:21] Uniju put your back into it
[23:21] Uniju just ask me about games or anime or something
[23:22] turb uh well
[23:22] turb i dont think thats usually what they ask about
[23:22] Uniju i wouldnt know i never read the shroom
[23:22] turb do i have to publish this
[23:23] Uniju yeah unless you want to go interview somebody else
[23:24] Uniju you should publish it raw and say "this is what happens when perch doesn't do his god damn work"
[23:27] turb i think i might
[23:30] Uniju i was sure i got interviewed once before but i can't find it
[23:30] Uniju "However, if you go to my contribuitions my first edit was in 1 January 2002, editing Uniju's talk page wishing him Happy Birthday." - shroobario in his interview
[23:30] Uniju that wasn't my birthday
[23:31] turb january 2002
[23:32] Uniju this might have been it
[23:32] turb i think he interviewed me too
[23:32] turb okay im gonna start publishing
[23:33] Uniju good luck

this is what happens when perch doesn't do his god damn work

Issue XC
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