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Mario Golf Tournament Thoughts

by Icemario11 (talk)

When I signed up for the Mario Golf tournament, I was pretty disappointed to see it take as long as it did to get started after the thread kind of just died for a week or two. The sudden revival after the majority of interest departed caused one of the players to drop out because they had stopped caring at that point.

The first round of the tournament used the Private Tournament feature of the game, and while the premise was decent and worked out fairly well, the announcement was so close to the day that it was done on that it led to another one of the players who signed up not getting to play at all because they were offline that weekend, which was just really sad to see. Plus it had coins on, and that could've easily cost you :dk: a stroke or two because they obscure your vision (especially on the green).

After a tiebreaker for second-place (that I wasn't part of), the finals happened, which was an incredibly enjoyable match that had me on my toes the entire time, but I feel there could've been another round or something in between because the tournament itself just fell... short. It was basically the private tournaments, and then the finals if you were in the top two. Nothing else, unless people tied for the private tournaments (which did happen but that doesn't make the shortness much better).

So overall it was fairly enjoyable (albeit short-lived) but the hosting really needs some work.

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