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Anniversary Recap

by Tucayo (talk)

HI, London! Errr... MarioWiki! I'm your musical Statistics Manager, Tucayo, and I am here to bring you this year's Awards Recap.

This year's preparations began in January, with our largest Awards Committee so far. Around 30 people signed up to help in this year's ceremony. They were all directed by Turboo, who took over Ralphfan's role after the complications that arose with the latter. Turboo was aided by Awards Sub-Director, SMB; and Official Organizer, Superchao.

The first thing the AC had to deal with was the number of the awards. After much discussion, they settled for an unprecedented reduction in the Mario Awards, bringing them down to 25 awards. Fail and Userpedia Awards got a 5-awards increment, leaving them at 15 and 10, respectively, and 'Shroom stayed at 10.

There is always controversy surrounding the AC and this year was no exception. Former Awards Director, Ralphan, and FireEevee were kicked out of the AC for their misbehavior and lack of cooperation. Pyro and Skulldug (the latter of whom wasn't in the AC) were banned from getting tokens and prizes after cheating in the Mafia game.

Now to the actual ceremony. This year's hosts were Turboo, SMB, Gamefreak and myself; hosting the Mario, Userpedia, Fail and 'Shroom Awards, respectively. The ceremony kicked off at 4:00 pm (ET) with the Userpedia Awards. Highlights of the ceremony included SMB's intro, telling the story of Userpedia; a great U1 script by Snack; a satiric and cameo-filled script by MCD, where he revealed New Sherlock Mario had shockingly won Best Written Fiction; SMB's second Lifetime Achievement Award and much more. For the full details you'll have to check the forum.

Next were the amazing 'Shroom Awards, hosted by the moth handsome Koopa around. There were also many surprises and memorable moments, like SMB yielding his Favorite Main Team writer award or General Bob-Omb winning Favorite Fun Stuff Writer. But there were also the predictable results, like Fake News winning Favorite Sub-Team for the third year in a row. Presenters included Crocodile Dippy, with a detailed S1 script; MCD, whose presentations would have killed you had you not been looking; Bop, who presented two awards; SMB, presenting the final award; and more great presentations.

Then came the Fourth Fail Awards, hosted by Gamefreak75. Some of the presenters were Uniju, Toadbert, Paper Jorge, Edo and more. Some of this year's unlucky winners were Birdo, Goombario, Wendy O. and Mario Pinball Land. As always, it's nice to see you're not the only one who hates a certain character/game. Or worse, when you see some of your favorite games/characters are really hated. I'm talking about Mario Golf.

To close the night we had the main attraction of the night, the Sixth Mario Awards. After letting five awards go, like Favorite PM Partner, we were up for a two-and-a-half-hour ceremony packed with great scripts and some shocking results. And for the first time ever, two Favorite Game presentations! And of course, the classic bloopers. These votes covered everything from Waluigi's Taco Stand to the "fucking dragon from SMG2." But of course, no ceremony is complete without the never-ending rants against new games. Super Mario Galaxy 2 won a bunch of awards, including Favorite Game, which cause a massive uproar by some users. Well, that's the way things are.

But the awards festivities weren't limited to the ceremonies. We also had four other events. The Team Fortress 2 tournament, won by Garlic Man, Gorden and S-Y; the Mario Kart 7 tournament, won by Lakituthequick; the traditional Guess The Results, won by Gamefreak; and the Mafia game, won by the Werewolves, Mafia, 3K and MM15. SonicMario won the Overall MVP. As of now, prizes are being picked by those with enough tokens. No one better take the two remaining iTunes cards, I want one

To end this recap, this month we have the first ever Awards Director Election, so be sure to vote and participate in the debates. That's all from me, thanks to everyone who made this Awards possible, and be sure to check out the AC Commentaries. BYE!