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Did You Know That...

by Max2 (talk) Mario riding YoshiXzelionETC

1. Yoob is a hybrid of a machine and an organic being.

2. Luigi's Mansion and Mario is Missing are so far the only games Luigi has starred in without Mario helping him.

3. Swob wants to have 22 kids.

4. Hamma Jamma's Father is the only known Business Bros.

5. Yoshi's Story was originally supposed to be called, "Yoshi's Island 64".

6. In “How to draw Nintendo Heroes and Villains” Bowser is listed as Kerog, but he is never called that else where.

7. Luigi appears to have chemistry with Daisy, but they have never kissed. However Mario and Daisy have.

8. In Japan Koopa Troopas are called "NokoNoko".

9. Geno appears in a Nintendo-only game, despite being owned by Square.

10. There have only been 3 playable Goombas.