Showdown in Brooklyn

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Front and back cover
Front and back cover
Front and back cover

Showdown in Brooklyn is the eighth thematic DVD of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, whose theme is, as the title says, episodes related to Brooklyn. The DVD was released by nCircle Entertainment, on May 5, 2009.

The DVD contains the following episodes:

  • "Brooklyn Bound"
    "The Mario Bros. finally find a way back to Brooklyn. But they are faced with a big decision when Koopa captures the Princess just at the moment they can return home."
  • "Flatbush Koopa"
    "The Mario Bros. return to Brooklyn to find that Koopa has taken over renamed the city Kooplyn."
  • "Plummers Academy"
    "In a flashback to their days of Basic Draining at the Brooklyn Academy of Plumbing, Mario and Luigi tell of their troubles with Drain Sergeant Kooperman and why the President of the United States called on them to the White House."
  • "Koopa Klaus"
    "When the evil Koopa Klaus (Bah Humkoop!) tries to stop Christmas, the Mario Bros. come to Santa's rescue and Toad learns the true spirit of giving."
  • "Escape from Koopatraz"
    "The Mario Bros., the Princess, and Toad are captured by Koopa and sent to his island dungeon, Koopatraz, where they engineer a daring escape."