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Pitch Conservation[edit]

  • Effects: Makes Mario face an angle sharper than usual during the diving animation.
  • How to: Mario should enter a body of water and change his facing angle. He then should leap out of water and onto dry land. When Mario next dives, the animation will start with the old angle value.
  • Explanation: The angle Mario is facing in water and during dives is preserved in a variable. This variable usually resets between animations, however, specific actions don't reset the variable resulting in the next animation using the old variable instead of a value of 0
  • Notes: Multiple moves affect the pitch angle, namely flying, swimming and diving. Multiple actions also conserve the pitch angle, namely exiting water, ground pounding, grabbing onto poles, etc...[1]

Backwards Long Jump[edit]

The backwards long jump glitch from Super Mario 64.
Mario atop the Endless Stairs with 16 Power Stars, thanks to a backwards Long Jump.
  • Effects: Allows Mario to gain very high negative speeds allowing him to clip through objects and walls.
  • How to: The player must go to any set of long stairs, then face the stairs and turn around, so Mario is facing away from the stairs. Now, the player performs a long jump. As soon as Mario jumps, they must hold backwards on the control stick. After they land, the player should rapidly tap the A Button button and after a while Mario will gain high negative speed. This glitch also works on certain steep slopes, on raising elevators, and under low ceilings.
  • Explanation: Although the long jump speed is capped in the positive direction, it is not capped in the negative direction. Performing this glitch allows Mario to stack multiple consecutive long jumps, increasing Mario's speed until it's enough to pass through the collision detection.
  • Notes: This is most famously used to get to the top of the Endless Stairs in Peach's Castle.[2] Normally, the game can register how fast Mario can normally move, and teleport Mario to a lower section before he can reach the top of the stairs. This prevents him from accessing the door without the required 70 Power Stars. However when the Backwards Long Jump is performed, Mario can build up a lot of backwards velocity, and the game does not teleport Mario properly because he reached the top too quickly. This is also the way Mario can go through walls. This glitch can do a lot of things. It can make the player complete the game with no stars and can access the "Black Room of Death".
  • Revisions: This glitch was fixed in the Japanese Shindou edition re-release, as Mario's speed is capped when moving backwards. The glitch was also fixed in the DS remake as if when Mario attempts a backwards long jump, the camera will go behind Mario, making him do a normal long jump.

<Dummy Glitch>[edit]

  • Effects: <quick summary of what is expected from the glitch>
  • Location/Requirements: <if the glitch is only possible in a certain area or stage, or requires specific criteria, describe here> (rename plz)
  • How to: <explanation of the minimum steps to achieve the glitch>
  • Explanation: <if applicable, non speculative explanation of the technical reason the glitch works>
  • Notes: <if necessary, additional notes that were not covered in previous sections.>
  • Revisions: <if the glitch were fixed in a later version of the game>