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#{{{1}}} • [[MarioWiki:Proposals/{{{2}}}|{{{3}}}]], [[User:{{{4}}}|{{{4}}}]] (ended {{{5}}})



{{PArchive|99|Archive 100#Proposal|Title|User|January 1|grey}}

results in:

#99 • Title, User (ended January 1)

The inputs are as follows:

# Example Explanation
1 99 The chronological number of the proposal. This can also be used to subcategorize certain multiple step proposals (43a, 43b, etc.)
2 Archive 100#Proposal The link to the actual archived proposal.
3 Title A descriptive name for the proposal that allows readers to know exactly what changes did or didn't happen. It may or may not be the same as the name in the archive, and cannot be too long.
4 User The name of the user who made the proposal. Their name at the time of the proposal should be used, even if they were subsequently renamed. If more than one user made a proposal, name the primary author only.
5 January 1 When the proposal ended. This is usually the deadline, however it may be earlier if the proposal is withdrawn.
6 grey The colour that indicates the results of the proposal (see the chart below for the colours that can be inputted and the outcomes they indicate).
Colour Outcome
red Failed, no change was made.
green Passed, change was made, result is currently enforced.
grey / gray Passed, but change has not been made yet.
yellow Passed, but is no longer enforced or applicable.
blue Proposal itself failed, but proposed changes are currently enforced.
pink Proposal cancelled by proposer.
purple Proposal cancelled by admins.
orange Proposal was classified as a "no quorum".
brown Proposal ended in a tie.

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