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I"M STAYING![edit]

I found a place in my day that I can be on wiki!

The MissingLinkBowser 2.PNG WOOHOO!!!

Hi,I thought of a wiki idea! Koopapedia!

The MissingLinkBowser 2.PNG a wiki for the Koopa Troop

It was a joke.

The MissingLinkBowser 2.PNG just go to Mario Wiki(duh)

whats up? Great Gonzo


HI HI HI HI HI! I'M SO HAPPY *IMPLODES* TO BE BA*IMPLODES* ON THE WI*IMPLODES*KI! What's up since I was gone? 3dhammer.gif 3D, any more new Wikis? 3dhammer.gif


Whenever coming the new adventure comic and the new smas bros. comic?60px-ArendLogoTransparent.pngrend (talk) (edits)


They're working together on one. Confused writes, WL makes the pictures using Photoshop. Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y 14:46, 19 April 2007 (EDT)

Beanbean Sprites[edit]

Ok, I uploaded them. f_wikiimagem_a663437.pngBean

LOL XD[edit]

XD Plumber, See more at my "Funny Pics" section!

You can use mr. L (it has more sprites by the way.)

--Super paper luigi 12:09, 21 April 2007 (EDT)


Halloo. Anything new? Wanna chat? 3dhammer.gif 3D, on for 30 min. 3dhammer.gif

Sure, wherever you are. :D Gimmie a sec to update my userpage, and I'll be there in about 15 min. OK? 3dhammer.gif 3D, BRB! 3dhammer.gif

Yes, that game is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool. Stuck on Elder Shrooboid. :P 3dhammer.gif 3D, PiT FTW! 3dhammer.gif

WOAH! LOLOLOLOL! HOW DID YOU DO THAT?! That is the funniest thing I've heard yet. User:3djeong/sig

OK. Action Replay. Cool. Can't be on for a while now, I'll try to get on Fantendo when I get back. Cya! 8) 3dhammer.gif 3D, Wii FTW! 3dhammer.gif

Chat room...[edit]

Sorry about that chat room we were in, I was too busy finding pictures from various source and I didn't respond... RAP.pngRAP... I should have to turn the speaker on, Wonders...


Elder Kylie sounds FTW. :P Sorry I didn't respond. Was thrown surprise belated birthday party... ACK! 3dhammer.gif 3D, C U SOON 3dhammer.gif



--Super paper luigi 19:10, 22 April 2007 (EDT)


Hey, there are 2 new sockpuppets. Should I block them now, or wait until the do something?--Aipom_Banana_2.gif Aipom 424.png--


hey max,

you know those passports from mlss right? well im making one some what user based. so all i need is your favorite number, (or any number that would represent your level) a buddy (probably 3d) and a sprite pose.

--Super paper luigi 14:41, 23 April 2007 (EDT)

Do you have a singular number 22 is a little big, it covered your face, do you like 2?

--Super paper luigi 14:55, 23 April 2007 (EDT)

ok, almost done, but i need one more thing, pick a location out of these:

  • Koopa cruiser hold#2
  • Koopa cruiser hold#1
  • bean bean castle sewers
  • stardust field mushroom side
  • stardust field beanbean side
  • hoohoo village
  • toadtown square
  • hoohoo mountain hoohooros gate

which one?

--Super paper luigi 15:06, 23 April 2007 (EDT)

Ta Dah!


--Super paper luigi 15:11, 23 April 2007 (EDT)

u kan put stuff in the empty space.

--Super paper luigi 15:12, 23 April 2007 (EDT)

RE: Murzon[edit]

What are you talking about? --KPH2293 17:21, 23 April 2007 (EDT)

Gonzo is correct. I did not block Murzon's account. I blocked the IP of a troll, which happens to have the same IP as Murzon. --KPH2293 17:30, 23 April 2007 (EDT)
I never accused Murzon of anything, but the fact of the matter is that they have the same IP. I've unblocked the IP for now, but something may have to be done if we keep getting troll attacks from that IP. --KPH2293 17:39, 23 April 2007 (EDT)


Hi, LOL. What's UP? 3dhammer.gif 3D, what's on your stove? 3dhammer.gif

Samezorzor herezorzor. I'vezorzor beenzorzor groundedzorzor forzorzor threezorzor weekszorzor. 3dhammer.gif 3D, itzorzor stinkszorzor 3dhammer.gif
Me too, also. TABS ROCK! BAHAHA! Gullible parents, too, also. 3dhammer.gif 3D, meeheehee! 3dhammer.gif
iDog bitten by a radioactive spider. IT'S TRUE. It's official merchandise. 3dhammer.gif 3D, WTFH? 3dhammer.gif
Neither can I, to be truthful... ROFLOL 3dhammer.gif 3D, ROGLMGO!!! 3dhammer.gif
LOL.3dhammer.gif 3D, bleep bleeep bleeeep 3dhammer.gif
I'm kinda busy... I'll try. 3dhammer.gif 3D, ndfjaibab 3dhammer.gif

Fantendo Trouble[edit]

Seems that Peachycakes II has found Fantendo...we can't block the IP because it is shared with Murzon, and we can't check IPs. Plumber

Actually, Murzon said that was his cousin.... Plumber, She was a fanon troll? I thought she was a spamming troll.

Eh, I wasn't there so I didn't know about that. This is a different person anyway, and their unblocked now. Plumber

Shure, why not! (Unless it's the spamming kind) Plumber


Is on! Plumber


Thanks for sticking up 4 me.


Mario Party DS[edit]

It isnt fake and check the german mario party website and see the details.F gLarrynana.gif

Just google it as ""F gLarrynana.gif


Yeah, that's what I'm going to do tomorrow. I'm at my grandparent's, and they only have a W. 95. 3dhammer.gif 3D, you're a good GREAT friend. 3dhammer.gif

Yay! Adding the new sig pics took up all my other PI space. 3dhammer.gif 3D, doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo... 3dhammer.gif
BTW, I just noticed your forum sig. BEST. ONE. YET. *passes out from ROFLing* 3dhammer.gif 3D, ditto. 3dhammer.gif
O RLY? THT SNDS WRD. BUT COOL. 3dhammer.gif 3D, VRY. 3dhammer.gif
Spriter's Resource. :D 3dhammer.gif 3D, wiiwiiwii! 3dhammer.gif

Will you claim Passportmax3d.PNG as your PI? Right now, it's 3D's which is over teh limit mahn... Plumber

Peachycakes, hopefully soon-to-be accepted[edit]

Thanks for trying to stick up for me... about Peachycakes II, I heard your comment about how she might be an accepted user soon. I'm going to allow her on here for a short time, to let you guys see if you think she should be trusted. If she starts spamming, block her account for 24 hours. I think we'll be able to make her acceptable...