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Absolutely NO editing here or else I (or someone else) will unleash Samus's roboticness and Wario's smelliness on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!


I won't die[edit]

Yeah right... KS3 (talk · contribute)

You're dead (hate message)[edit]

You suck. I hate you. Why do YOU get all the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" crap and I get NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are an idiot. I shall now hate you for life. I HATE YOU, YOU UGLY BEAST!!! Go back to your smelly, repulsive, damp cave you smelly monster.

Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 23:50, 19 February 2010 (EST)

P.S. When you were born, a planet that supports life (but we didn't discovered yet) exploded and 323,343,324,234,532,653 bird species went extinct. Also, your birth set off a mass eruption that killed everybody in village Teiesan. What do you got to say about THAT??

P.P.S. You are now cursed by the ElGeeEm divine Aphelocoma californica. Your curse is that you will eventually marry Wario someday. Muahahahahahaha!

P.P.P.S. You are now bestowed with the curse.

The curse will be lifted. But I will inflict with another curse called the SUMFOL&HFIB. You will eventually marry Luigi someday. And get bombarded by red shells. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Just kidding. KS3 (talk · contribute)

Aphelocoma californica . I hate this user. (No I don't. I know her. She won't get hurt. I promise).[edit]

Type that in Google Images and see what you get.

Anyway, your logic is flawed because I was born before you. But RIGHT when you were born, an earthquake hit and collapsed a building. There was an ugly dog inside there. Its blood spilled. Baby Luigi spawned out of that (his debut appearance was in 1995, the year of destruction, depression, anxiety, war, sadness, and hatred. It's the date you and I were born. Worst dates ever in the history of history.

Don't think I'm jealous of you. Because I am.

I hate you.

Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 23:59, 19 February 2010 (EST)

P.S. You suck.

Does it hurt to tell your friends that it is MY birthday too?[edit]


Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 00:04, 20 February 2010 (EST)

Does it hurt to tell your friends that it is MY birthday too?[edit]


Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 00:04, 20 February 2010 (EST)

I am NOT worshipping that hideous blobl you call Baby Luigi[edit]

Baby Luigi is overrated. I sometimes hate him because you give him so much attention. Why the hell Baby Luigi is a featured article before Mario? Now, if Baby Luigi was nominated for unfeaturing an article, I'd be overjoyed.





Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 00:08, 20 February 2010 (EST)

Fun fact: French people say "J'ai chaud" when they are hot. Literal translation? I have hot.

I have fury.

I'm nervous, you little idiot.

I am worshipping Baby Luigi[edit]

Yay Contradictory sentences. KS3 (talk · contribute)

Check out the FI rules[edit]

From now on, unless we nominated the article, we are not supposed to add a reason why we support.

Lame. But it saves more time than typing it all up.

Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 00:31, 20 February 2010 (EST)


First of all, MKC is Mushroom Kingdom Currency, not Mario Kart Combo (another one of my dream games)

Second thing...

  1. Who will win in the 100 meter dash, Wario or a snail. The snail will win.
  2. You can smell Wario's fart from infinity miles away.
  3. Sega decided to make Wario instead of Dr. Eggman the enemy of Sonic.
  4. Did you ever see the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Intro?? Wario got confused by the snow.
  5. Don't ever let Wario borrow your stuff. He will eat it all up.
  6. Worms can't see. But worms can see Wario. They crawl away at the sight of Wario.
  7. Wario was the combination of Warui and Mario.
  8. Fawful sided with Bowser, Mario, Conker, Aniken Skywalker, and Sonic the hedgehog to kill Wario. -KS3 (talk · contribute)

Wario is so fat[edit]

Wario is so fat that he takes up the space of 2 myrillion (10^10000) universes. -KS3 (talk · contribute)

Message for LeftyPurpleMario[edit]

Mario exists in the real world. He got 7th in the 2010 winter Vancouver olympics Snowboard Cross and 3rd in the Small Final. Daisy also exists in the real world. -KS3 (talk · contribute)

Your "This is a false sentence" in User Talk:Fawfulfury65 and other random stuff[edit]

I heard that everyone is going to team up against Wario, Luigi, Mario (Fictional Character, not Snowboard Cross Olympian), and Peach. Why Luigi??? Because he is my least favorite character. Why Mario and Peach??? It's their alter ego. Luigi created it. (actually a he she.) Baby Luigi is way better then Luigi. I usually control 2 remotes and kill Luigi and Wario in Grumble Volcano. -KS3 (talk · contribute)

PS: The PS on the bottom is false.

PPS: The PS above is true.

PPPS: The PS above is false.

PPPPS: The PS above is true.

PPPPPS: The PS above is false.

PPPPPPS: The PS above is true.

PPPPPPPS: The PS above is false.

PPPPPPPPS: The PS above is true.

PPPPPPPPPS: The PS above is false.

PPPPPPPPPPS: The PS above is true.

Contradictory UserBoxes[edit]

Yeah. I will delete that as soon as possible. -Red Shell 68066vr (talk)


You know that picture you sent me? Would have been much better if everyone else got at least 50 coins.

Today, I saw a squirrel and a scrub jay. The cute little blue thing was following the squirrel.

And in case you were wondering, I didn't see the chicken today.

I think some people don't understand what the heck am I talking about.

Anyway, Wario should die. His fart is worse than a volcanic eruption. And unlike a volcanic eruption, no species can rebound after Wario broke the wind.

Mushroom Kingdom Planet (or whatever) should think about terraforming Earth. They can get rid of global warming for us. We pay back by worshipping the residents of Mushroom Kingdom, especially Mario and Baby Luigi.

Mario and Baby Luigi are so awesome, they could win in a fight against Master and Chief.

Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 17:49, 20 February 2010 (EST)

P.S. I still hate you, you know. Don't think I forgot what happened yesterday.

P.P.S. They forecasted refreshing, cool, relaxing rain, but I see the hot, blistering, bone-dry sun outside. I EXPECT RAIN, NOT THAT STUPID SUN!

P.P.P.S I hate sunny weather.


I heart storks!

I love Corvus brachyrhynchos too, you know.

Kamek doesn't deserve to be a separate character. He is just some stupid female magikoopa with a name. What a moron. He sucks. I hate him.

What if Baby Mario and Baby Luigi were in Melee? That would be so awesome. I could throw a bomb at them and turn them into a star.

BTW, turning people into stars is the best part of Melee.

Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 18:08, 20 February 2010 (EST)

I hate garlic[edit]

After I read that, I started to feel sick of garlic.

Actually, I like garlic, ONLY if it's used to flavor bok choy or cabbage. Otherwise, I hate that unpleasant odor from garlic. Besides, I wouldn't eat something that's shaped like Wario's nose. EWWWW!!!!

I love crows. They don't deserve the hate. Crows are one the few birds known to play fight. That's cute.

Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 18:16, 20 February 2010 (EST)

I'm a girl and I HATE Twilight[edit]

For those who think all girls love Twilight, you guys are absolutely wrong. I hate Twilight. I hope the author of this pile of crap burns in a fire. Seriously, Twilight is nothing but cheesecake, blueberry smoothie, and huge giant pieces of 80 percent cacao dark chocolate.


And if I offended any people here, well, you guys can keep your opinions. Not every girl likes that cursed black textbook.

Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 18:33, 20 February 2010 (EST)

Which one. The one by Erin Hunter or the one by Stephenie Meyer? KS3 (talk · contribute)

scientific names[edit]

What's the Scientific name of yoshi??

What's the Scientific name of birdo??

What's the Scientific name of Koopa Troopas and their varients???

What's the Scientific name of Goombas and their varients???

-Red Shell 68066vr (talk)

PS: What's the scientific name for shroobs?

PPS: I know this person in my school who's name is Daisy.

A fact about Wario[edit]

  1. Scientists haven't gave Wario a scientific name because he is too fat and smelly. -Red Shell 68066vr (talk)

Your talk page is screwed up[edit]

Now that we got that out of the way, I have to ask: if Baby Luigi is your favorite character, why would you like to see him on fire? Hello, I'm Time Turner.

But Kamek is better for SSB. I mean, Kamek has shown tons of moves, while the most Baby Luigi has done is hit a baseball with a bat. Hello, I'm Time Turner.

Oh yeah. I forgot about PiT. Hello, I'm Time Turner.

Hi again[edit]

My New Username!! KS3 (talk)

I am also on the Mario and Luigi Wiki as sixeightyseventyone. I chose the username on the Mario and Luigi Wiki as a reference to 2257.


Uhh, yea...hey.

Sorry that I once again replied like seemingly 2 years after your comment (I really gotta stop doin that :3)

I suck at Mario Kart Wii. No matter how hard I try I'm never able to unlock Dry Bowser. It's like every time I'm in first, some trigger goes off and everyone keeps bombing me with Red Shells and Blue Shells and whatnot. The only item I like is the POW block, which you can eaisily dodge by shaking the wheel (but you probobly knew that already). The CPU's dont, so I can pass them that way.



The reason why I changed my name is because first thing You ever play mario kart wii wifi?? next to the vs thing is the number that never exceeds 9999. It is called vr. My old name has "68066vr". It was a typo error. It was supposed to be 6806vr and My Mario Kart Wii license is KS3 anyway. Second thing, I already said it in the last sentence. Third thing, you won't be able to see me on Wi-fi anyways these days because I don't have that much time. Fourth thing, You And NotRightyOppositeOfRedThePersonWhoGotSeventhOnSnowboardCrossInTheVancouver2010OlympicWinterGamesMinusFuchi Need To Get Along!!! Fifth thing, what is the actual scientific name of Cheep Cheeps and don't make them up (ask wikispecies). Sixth thing, what is the actual scientific name of Shy Guys and don't make them up. -KS3 (talk)

PS: I don't think that yoshis is distorted. Well the yoshi named Yoshi might be distorted, but Kamek and Luigi suck. So does Waluigi and Wario.

PPS: I know this other person named Mario. Did you watch the semifinals of Snowboard Cross in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games at Vancouver??? Then you should know. I also know this Mii named Yoshi for some reason.


The title is self explanatory, but I really need for my homework (and for other stuff)!!!!!!!. -KS3 (talk)

Happy 15th Birthday 4 Days Late![edit]

Sorry this message is 4 days late I just couldn't do it in time.Here's a Birthday image

The candles aren't lit because they used Baby Luigi to put out the fire!

Sorry and bye! Tsutarja sig11.png' FireBabyLuigi11BabyLuigi PiT sprite.pngI wasn't thinking "God". That was one of his creatures and he threw it at me!


You should've seen the way Time Q acted towards me. He humiliated me AND he rubbed his vote on my face. It might not be flaming or trolling, but he really hurt me.

WHY DOES THIS WIKI HATE ME? No, really. I feel like I had vandalized something.

Heck, I feel like Luigi and YOU are Mario! Darn. How ironic. I like Mario more than Luigi and you like Luigi more than Mario, but we act opposite in real life! Funny, we're both twins and I'm older and shorter than you (but absolutely NOT fatter.)

Wario is full of fail, IMO. Let's blame everything on him.

Anyway, how about I end this message with Wario facts?

Wario is so fat, a space ship could see him CLEARLY from space.

Wario is so fat, not even XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL clothes can fit him.

Wario's pee can dissolve Hydrochloric Acid.

Wario never dies of a heart attack because his arteries aren't made of muscle; they are made of LDL cholesterol. Which means the more LDL he has, the better for his arteries.

Wario is so fat that if someone tries to shoot Wario, the bullet will bounce off of Wario's fat and hit the shooter.

Wario is so smelly, he makes a lush rainforest transform to a wasteland filled with wilted plants from miles around him.

Wario is heavy, the aliens cannot abduct Wario. Why would they anyway?

Wario's blood is actually liquid lard stained red.

Wario is so smelly, he makes the paint peel off the walls.

Wario's poop is not radioactive. It's super-ultra-megalicious-radioactive. If anyone gets a whiff of it, he/she will dissolve from radiation. That's why we never see Wario poop.

Wario is so ugly and stupid, scientists don't even consider him the same species as humans.

Wario is so fat, even the car-crusher thing will break.

Wario does not have a voice. It's actually his own snot that got shoved down his throat vibrating from Wario's bad breath.

Consuming olive oil or other healthy fats will make Wario die.

Wario has kidney failure. However, if a kidney gets transplanted into Wario's body, the kidney will explode because of Wario's corrosive urine.

Wario had heart failure so Waluigi gave a (girly-pink) pacemaker made out of partially hydrogenated interesterified fat.

(These Wario facts should go somewhere else, right? How about your userspace. And credit to me would be nice. The one where scientists cannot classify Wario, the Red Shell dude made it up first.)

Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 19:55, 22 February 2010 (EST)

Let the Scrub Jays rule over Wario.

Aphelocoma californica and other random stuff[edit]

The curse is the one that the person with about 68 thousand red shells made up and the person who is the left handed green mario made up combined.


Now RightyRedLuigi's huge wall of text coming up (and part of Red Shell 68066vr's too)...

one day mario was walking he was fat he ate too much pasta thats what i think anyways he was walking he was talking everyone says he is too fat to be a hero mario was offended by this so he said well ill show you and did nothing because there was no princess to be kidnapped so mario got angry and he said well ill kidnap the princess so he did bowser was confused why his nemesis kidnapped something he should kidnap and questioned mario why did you kidnap the princess shouldnt i mario said that he wanted to be a hero so he could kidnap the princess and rescue so people wont call him fat and useles bowser thought mario had a point so he allowed mario to kidnap the princess luigi wondered why the princess was kidnapped again so he didnt bother trying to rescue mario rescued the princess although thats ironic because he stole the princess and he rescued so thats ironic the princess slapped mario because he stole her and then rescued her and that makes no sense people are now respecting mario because he saved the princess not to mention also stole her luigi now knew that mario stole the princess and pointed out that stealing the princess is illegal and doing that is bad mario said he doesnt care luigi is sensitive to this remark so he said quietly follow me since mario is too fat and gullible and followed luigi to a anger slip your kneck in this noose he said mario stood on a chair and had a noose around his neck luigi kicked the chair nothing happened thats because mario is a superhuman and he cant die so mario got angry and took luigi by the arm and threw him into a caged box and threw the box into the ocean and that was the end of luigi meanwhile bowser wanted mario to steal the princess so he could marry her but when mario heard this he rejected this offer and bowser got angry bowser chopped off marios butt and displayed it over the fireplace while mario has to suffer without his butt marios intestines cloggged up and exploded and that was the end of mario but mario cant die so he is tortured eternally unless he went to a doctor but hes too stupid and fat mario said bowser youll pay for this and mario spat out his digested bits from his intestines bowsers appetite was lost eternally and mario thought he should get a new butt so he was going to the store to buy a butt and one day mario was walking and he already got a new butt he saw samus hoooooo it said what i dont understand mario said samus continued to hooooo itself up but mario was too stupid and fat to understand so he kidnapped the robot but im not a robot samus was about to say but it just hooooo itself up again so there was really no point in doing that so samus got kidnapped by mario but that is strange because mario is supposed to rescue people not kidnap robots anyways mario took it samus to a disco dance hoooo it said it actually wanted to dance so mario pushed it inside the disco dance samus couldnt help but it started dancing look how much it enjoyed it so when mario took samus out the robot cried so much that it flooded its varia suit but its strange because robots cant have emotion nor cry but hey how come a tin thing cry after it stomped on a bug thats pathetic mario made fun of samus i mean seriously do people call you a she youre supposed to be an it also youre fat laughed mario samus got pissed off so it charged a beam at mario and shot it at mario what happened next mario cant die so he just laughed and shrugged the beam off samuss heart melted although actual hearts dont melt and robots like it dont have hearts then mario said when he was young his parents crumpled on the floor mario was helpless that time but he watched his parents slowly die then they were gone gone forever the people that gave his existence and loved him the last words his parents said to him is i love you after samus heard that story it cried and forgave mario for shooting that beam its okay said mario but robots like you shouldnt cry or forgive samus ignored that last statement soon mario and samus the robot met wario a stinking repulsive guy mario said this guy is his cousin and his childhood friend and samus was suprised how can this guy be related to mario samus tried to talk but out came a hooooo wario made fun of it and mocked its hoooo samus got angry but its impossible how can robots get angry mario grabbed wario and said dont make fun of my new friend wario said okay but i wanna see whats inside that robot mario exclaimed are you stupid samus is just a special robot and it doesnt have anything that interests you so please go away no whined wario stop your whining shouted mario but i cant help whining whined wario samus was sick of wario so it grabbed him with a laser whip and threw him all the way to pluto and the rest of warios life is spent frozen on pluto sadly warioware has broken down after warios good friends are shouting hello hello wario where are you wario but mario doesnt find that tragic but just imagine your best friend lost into heaven i cant bear it unfortunately wario deserves this mario and samus walked into a phone booth so mario can call luigi samus tried to talk but it went hoooooo instead mario laughed and said dont be silly im going to call luigi but no answer came out although mario was fat and stupid he realized he left his bro into the ocean and he cant imagine someone so fragile and young could stand the pressure of the ocean mario thought luigi was crushed by the immense pressure since when did you get so smart samus was supposed to say but out came a hoooooooo mario laughed and giggled at this samus got embarassed but robots dont get embarassed so whats the point mario and samus walked to marios home well i can use you as a replacement for luigi said mario samus nodded but the problem is robots cant be brothers especially replacement ones and people thought it was a girl so how can i be considered male whats the point robots cant have feelings or anything thats the sad truth about robots they cant do anything right here we continue we see mario and samus the robot in marios house sitting down on chairs i wish i hadnt been so cruel to luigi mario said but hes too fat and stupid to try to at least get luigis body back samus got a good idea but thats viturally impossible because robots cant come up with good ideas let alone bad ones too but anyways it said mario if you cant die then maybe luigi cant die either because you guys are twins but mario is too fat and stupid to understand what the robot is talking about there are no such thing as twins said mario if clones dont exist then twins dont exist luigi is just a mere brother samus facepalmed at this but robots cant facepalm samus was about to talk but out came out a hoooooo and it was embarassed by this but robots cant be embarassed samus took mario by the arm and led him into the place mario threw the box into the ocean but robots must have gps before they can do this sort of stuff mario peered down well i guess ill have to resuce luigi since im too fat and stupid to not to do it samus said that mario is really fat and useless mario got angry and said well ill show you ill rescue my bro that i threw into the ocean without any further speaking mario dived into the ocean with a shrug robots dont shrug samus activated its gravity suit and dived in after mario samus swam after mario hoooo it cried but mario was too fat and stupid to not ignore it then suddenly a shark attacked the robot the shark could not harm it since samus was a robot and robots dont feel pain but the shark ripped the suit and what was inside this suit a woman actually a robot in a woman disguise but you know what i mean mario was attracted by the robot you look beautiful and hot mario said but he was too fat and stupid to realize the woman was just a mere robot friend the same one mario had kidnapped and took to the disco and told stories and made fun of it and invited it to his house samus thanked mario but robots cant be grateful the two dived deeper until they saw a cage look mario shouted i see luigi arrrrgggggh screamed luigi youll pay for this for fat and stupid moron and luigi tried to electrocute mario but mario cant die and nothing happened mario got infuriated but the robot took over and said let me handle this you fat and stupid but silly human samus unlocked the cage door and robots can unlock anything if they please to and luigi swam out he swam and swam he swam like he never swam before samus and mario swam after luigi to the surface they saw luigi luigi gasped for air oh my gosh you pretty lady thank you im so grateful you deserve something special luigi swerved angrily at the fat and stupid red plumber dont do that next time warned luigi or ill rip your butt out and display it in the rulers office mario looked worried if that happened people would think he is useless forever mario didnt want that to happen so never did he torture luigi again since luigi held his promise hooooo said samus luigi got confused why does this pretty lady sound like a robot mario said that this lady is actually a robot in disguise but still kind and helpful mario is too stupid and fat to realize that the robot can get its suit back luigi was shocked but he didnt say anything the three swam back to the shore no what asked mario ah i know mario led luigi and samus to movie theater what shall we watch asked mario lets watch this movie said luigi mario saw the movie he thought it was the girliest and dorkiest movies he has ever saw pullleasse luigi pleaded fine then said samus but robots can make decisions quickly like that so they watched the movie mario fell asleep for half the movie luigi couldnt hear anything because of marios snoring so it remained like that for the rest of the movie samus wondered when its going to get its suit back samus rushed quietly outside and bashed on a smash ball it used it and got its varia suit back samus smiled but robots dont smile and walked back inside to find out the movie had finished luigi said that was the best movie that he ever saw while mario just awokened from his sleeping spell although no one casted a spell on him mario was too fat and stupid to do anything but to say lets go back to my house and rest although it is not night yet mario wondered what happened to the lady but he recognized the robot he wondered how did the lady get the suit back but he was too fat and stupid to ponder such questions mario saw luigi walking behind him then he realized that this is the person that threatened him to chop his butt off mario remembered that his old butt was hung up on the fire place that was owned to boswer mario had a lightbulb go off lets go to bowsers house mario said all of a sudden why samus asked but robots dont ask questions luigi remembered your butt got chopped off he said we need to retrieve your old butt again the three went to bowsers house they saw food stacked outside whats happening asked mario but he was too fat and stupid to realize that marios intestines exploded and mario spat out the bits that were digested from his intestines so bowser lost his appetite forever how can he get his food samus explained its simple you just have to connect a tube to his stomach and what passes in the tube are the vital nutrients you need to survive you dont need to eat then why dont everyone have one mario asked samus was about to reply but out came a hooooooo thats funny luigi said and the robot got embarrassed but robots dont get embarrassed mario crept inside the house and saw his butt on top of the fireplace mario swiped his butt trophy off the fireplace now what asked mario luigi smirked he chopped off marios current butt and added his old butt back yay shouted mario i have my old butt back im so glad but you are still useless and fat and stupid everyone said to him grrrrrrr growled mario ill show you im going to be a famous hero one day youll see samus and luigi shrugged and stole glances at each other fat and stupid plumbers cant be famous heroes its put in stone today mario just woke up and had a great day it was samuss birthday although robots dont have birthdays but here it goes mario is thinking of a present to give to samus luigi he asked what present would suit samus any present thats not bad will suit samus replied luigi oohhh but be more specific but luigi cant be more specific since mario is too fat and stupid to understand oh well ill get a rock mario said thats not a sensible gift said luigi yes it is said mario samus can only wonder what to do with this thing composed of minerals wait since when you got smart asked luigi but mario is too fat and stupid to understand oh well ill just have to go to samuss house but robots dont have houses mario strode to samuss house samus tried to say hi there mario but out came a hooooo mario laughed heres a present said mario samus got suprised it went hoooo angrily she was actually going to say out of all things in my birthday you have to give me a mere and uesless rock mario collapsed and looked up at samus all frightend samus bellowed hooooo and mario ran away but mario is too fat to run fast in a flash samus grabbed mario with its beam and shook him angrily im going to let out a beam thatll freeze you for years it snapped you better give me a good present or ill shoot you with that beam mario shivered and samus loosened its grip mario fell on the ground yes ill give you something useful mario said nervously and mario walked away so luigi asked did samus rejected it yes but it doesnt know the true values of rock it took millions and millions of years to form that material doesnt matter luigi groaned they are still common mario unleashed his fury and got a knife luigi yelped what are you going to do with it luigi screamed mario brought the knife slashing into the rock luigi let out a sigh with relief who in this planet would cut this rock luigi scolded mario was too fat and stupid not to slash the rock so he couldnt understand but luigi saw something glimmering on the rock that was cut on half look inside whispered luigi happily duh its just a bunch of crystals purple mixed in with orange red green yellow and blue crystals are rare luigi said excitedly and this is no rock its a geode a very beautiful geode use this as a gift to samus luigi said mario said why she rejected it just do it luigi shouted mario rushed with the geode in his hand he gave it to samus that is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen where did you get that said samus i dont know muttered mario its that same rock i gave to you before oh mario samus said i forgive you of that threat i really do but robots cant forgive so really this is just a fantasy anyways do you have any more gifts mario looked shocked i dont have anymore dont freeze me of course i wont samus was about to say but out came a hoooooo mario laughed and walked backwards out of samuss house mario ran to peachs castle there he saw kirby with a cake mario saw kirby walk away this is my chance he thought mario rushed in and took kirbys cake easy said mario but he was too fat and stupid to realize that if kirby has his cake stolen hell unleash real chaos in this world until he gets his cake back mario rushed to samus heres the cake mario said samus thanked mario but robots cant thank mario come inside my house samus said gleefully luigi picked up an uncomfortable sensation luigi walked nervously to samuss house to celebrate samuss birthday meanwhile when kirby was about to pick up his fork he saw that his cake disappeared one day a samus took a leisurely stroll in the icy phendrana drifts its not the best place for a stroll if you ask me the robot has little to no idea that it is basically a continuation of the story of a robot samus and a fat man mario and no punctucation at all people reading this would probably hate reading this and whine about it and complain that this would be the tallest wall of words but i hope you can stand it and keep your sanity levels to a minimun low as you see a the robot disabled all of my punctuation keys so bear with me please anyway the robot was taking a stroll until it bumped into an icicle the block of ice had something incased in it hoooooo shouted the robot and it switched to its flamethrower and melted the ice block the robot realized that mario was incased in the block geez said the fat man it was freezing in here and i just froze thank you for saving me uh robot woman the robot was offended because it wasnt a robot its a woman but robots dont get offended and this orange thing is definitely a robot the robot said whatever but robots dont have atitude mario said that phendrana drifts is the number one manufacterer of ice cream and samus said wut and no way but robots dont get shocked its true mario said and he showed samus the pirates base samus was shocked the dark and smelly base was transformed into a cheery and colorful ice cream shop i got ice cream there said mario and i bought one just for you mario gave samus the ice cream it was a delicious rust flavored ice cream with machine nuts and bolts scattered on it samus enjoyed it a lot but robots dont eat OR enjoy things oh well mario and samus jumped over some icicles floating on water ice has less density than water so thats why they float and the two reached a purple door the fatso tried all of his might to open the door but alas the purple thing didnt move a bit let me try said samus the orange robot flicked to its wave beam and shot at the door the door opened how did you do this mario asked samus said the players guide oh obviously mario changed the subject why were you on phen drifts well i had stuff to accomplish mario piped up is the frozen sheegoth over there your work oh yes replied the robot that blue thing with icicles on its back was a monster because it is one mario pointed out oh mario followed samus onto a peculiar looking elevator which is shaped like a disk when they were finally on board samus touched the orange thing and the elevator shout down into darkness yipes screamed mario he had never witnessed an elevator so fast the elevator ride took about a few seconds when it was over samus and mario stepped down and walked towards the door the area around the elevator wasnt so icy anymore it had more of a forest feel samus opened the door with a simple power beam and the two stumbled outside into a foggy and rainy, but grassy world mario was awed ive been through here he said what is this place called samus sighed but robots dont sigh and said this place is called tallon overworld tallon overworld he asked well tallon overworld what a fitting name mario was distracted by a mushroom oh boy a mushroom i need to power up dont samus screamed and it shot at the shroom while dragging mario away the shroom bursted into poisonous gas awww moaned mario why didn't let me eat that thats not your type of shroom mario samus said those things can drain your hp with their vicious poison oh tread carefully said samus you dont want to step on these spiky things where said mario samus pointed at the ground and shot a spiky thing to pieces this place is weird said mario samus replied with a hoooooooo mario picked up something look he shouted what is this purple glowing ball that is for restoring my health but it dont need but its so pretty hooooo screamed samus a space pirate swooped down almost picking up mario who is this fat stubby man asked the pirate the robot shot a missle at the pirate but the pirate dodged it dude said the pirate i just want to give ya free ice cream really asked mario this is one strange place said mario i just feel out of place here the space pirate said if you see any of us roaming here dont shoot us we just want to give you ice cream sheesh the pirate flew away leaving mario and samus behind hooooo said the robot you know space pirates usually attack me i told you said mario phendrana drifts is the best place for selling ice cream the pirates probably thought selling ice cream is more profitable than hunting you samus was confused but robots cant get confused but the pirates dont hunt me for business they just hunt me because im there or something like that ok im stumped groaned mario anyway where do you want to go mario hoooo asked samus but robots dont ask questions well what are the options chozo ruins phazon mines magmoor caverns and uh thats about it i want to go to chozo ruins because its listed first chozo ruins it is then why are we even here samus well this place is fun to exlpore yeah im so glad you rescued me anyway chozo ruins is that way as mario and samus were walking to the entrance to the elevator to chozo ruins two bug things sprouted out of the ground and began charging at samus yikes screamed mario and mario shot his fire at the two bugs the bugs were defeated in one hit as their remains are being burnt mario asked samus what are those things those things are called charge bugs youll find a lot of them in chozo ruins there is a big one though and it has undestructible armor the only way to kill it is to attack its blood red abdomen that sounds scary shivered mario hoooooo said the robot the two advanced to chozo ruins mario had to endure another elevator ride but this one was going up it doesnt matter what direction its going mario screamed at the narrator it is just as scary hooooo said the robot as it was trying to calm mario but genderless womanlooking orange robots do not calm down fat overweight 5 feet tall plumbers with a mustache the ride was at the end after mario calmed down the two stepped outside mario saw a desolate ruins covered in sand and getting sunburned by the sun four bugs dug out and charged but they were easily defeated by marios fires of uh fury no too generic lets say freakyness yeah that fits the two advanced into the ruins mario got confronted by an angry bee and almost got stung if it werent for the robot but robots dont save fat men from being stung no way samus then fired a missle at the hive the hive busted into pieces and fell down onto the sandy floor what was that asked mario just bees the robot said but it thought it was something more dangerous than that but robots dont think at all they are just progammed to do things maybe samus is a special robots anyway mario and samus advance into an entrance, with mario following samus so shouldnt the order be samus and mario im such a fat man said mario no one can be fat and clean at the same time like me im a robot in which everyone thinks im a some girl or chick but there is something wrong with them i look nothing like a girl or a baby bird but what you said mario is completely random i know because im so fat seriously mario but robots cant be serious why do you brag so much about your fatness i thought being fat is a bad thing well it isnt for me peach still finds me attractive no matter how fat i am yeah marionette look where you are going hey dont call me that but mario didnt finish his sentence as he fell into poison water samus used its grapple hook and pulled mario out of there you could have gotten yourself killed mario now heres a red ball thing wow its just like the purple ball except its red yeah eat it but im no robot like you just eat it darn you okay okay i will mario ate it he found it particulary delicious mario felt strong again lets just advance to this door after these shrooms are destroyed wow mushrooms grow here too wow im suprised samus sighed but like i said robots dont and shouldnt sigh robots have feeling but every rule has an exception samus is probably one the next room was dark this is creepy mario said then a ghost appeared watch out screamed samus as it pushed mario headfirst into the water mario there were so many ghosts in here samus will not get mario hurt but heavily armed hot sexy robots dont protect overweight fat stubby men this is the only rule with no exception samus shot all of the ghosts down the room lit up and the robot searched for the incredibly short plumber robots CAN search for things though and they can do this very well samus leashed its grapple hook and seized mario out of the water why did you push me into the water mario moaned i almost drowned you were about to get slashed by ghosts hooooooooo mario shook himself hoooo said samus will you shut up i cant help it i do it regulary what a lame excuse no seriously hey robots cant be serious well youre right about that one ha mario wins stop speaking in third person okay fine samus and mario continued their walk until mario started itching okay now what hooooooo i dont know but im itching like heck samus noticed the problem the plants underneath samus and mario was making mario itch it shot those plants and mario didnt itch anymore what the heck how come you didnt itch my suit simply darn it i wish i had a suit like you well too bad hoooooo samus just hooood itself up mario and samus continued walking for hours well this is tiring said mario oh come on hoooooo said samus we almost reached the boss really mario lit up finally for some action mario and samus came across a narrow and low opening samus morph balled through it mario had to squeeze though it with some difficulty since hes so fat be he managed to get through you know said mario there is this great thing called crawling well morph ball is better fir me i do not want to scratch my robot armor well you got a point here now lets go through this opening and confront the boss oh boy im so excited mario smiled with excitement as he rubbed his hands together samus shot open the door and the two walked through okay wheres the monster mario said the monster is some sort of bug flower it will come any moment the two waited for 30 minutes wait a minute something isnt right about here samus inspected the water it was a healthy blue wait a minute i think i defeated the boss oh groaned mario with disappointment hey im disappointed too i wish i had a boss like you mario so he could fight me over and over again hooooo samus bellowed out a giant hooooooooooooooooooo okay you just damaged my eardrums what was that for samus blushed but robots absolutely dont blush that was my ship call you dont want to walk all the way back do you oh boy no frowned mario my fat legs are broken why cant you let a fat man like me rest samus hoooooed and said it was its ship call yeah right said mario now a fat man like me has to walk all the way back suddenly and orange ship flew low near samus and mario here we are hop on yes shouted mario and he leaped in joy samus went in first as mario leaped in second they flew away the most unfortunate discovery mario made in the ship is that the interior of the ship is a shower stall for samus to restore its energy so mario got drenched all the way mario probably didnt want to know that shower stalls also existed across chozo ruins phendrana drifts and tallon overworl although players might read them as save stations mario and samus flew all the way back to mushroom planet for peace and relaxation but really there is no difference between there and the land they just visted at least just for samus because mario is a flesh and blood overweight man while samus is a genderless robot when the fat man and samus arrived to mushroom world they found it all destroyed what happened to my planet mario sobbed but he was too fat and stupid to realize that 2 stories before mario took kirbys cake and everyone knows if kirbys cake is gone destruction and chaos and death might result so much for a cute little puffball samus realized a sign it said kirby was here it pointed to the sign but mario was too fat and stupid to look at the sign wheres luigi mario asked samus well you fat and overweight guy youll have to look for him okay said mario but dont call me overweight i prefer obese you really are proud of your weight arent you said samus yeah isnt this a bummer that i placed second on the overall fatness contest that darn wario placed first mario curled his hand into a fist that wario will pay samus said hooooooooooo and pointed its gun at a miserable green ugly blob that just happened to crawl to marios feet dont shoot shouted fatty why asked samus but robots dont inquire they just program and take orders you see mario winced this miserable green ugly blob is not just any blob its a very ugly miserable green slob of blob the blob cried its ugly tears out cant you see its ugly words whispered im baby luigi baby luigi samus asked all shocked yep wait a minute are you the baby version of luigi yep mario i cant handle all of this paradox of course robots cant sorry samus apologized mario but mushroom kingdom has many paradoxes here example this sentence is false oh shut up said samus fortunately mario was too fat and stupid to know any more paradoxes and robots simply dont understand anything muahaha were going off topic the miserable green blotch said in its ever ugly voice hey boob said mario what happened to this place kirby got his cake stolen ugly boy moaned and im in grief that the narrator cant use my real name fine then i knew it said samus but robots dont know anything do you know where luigi went asked mario since mario was too fat and stupid to look for him oh luigi i dont know where he went said ugly baby luigi since baby luigi was way too ugly to exactly know where luigi had went in fact asked samus what happened to everyone on this planet who knows said baby luigi maybe you guys and i are the only survivors on this planet maybe the luigi and others are somewhere else but right now this is a desolate and lonely world the wind blowed on the rubble and the cracked trees rustled for a moment everything was deathly quiet the leaves blew by and the atmosphere of desolateness is that even a word grew intenser i dont like it here shivered the ugly baby luigi maybe i should go with you mario laughed very hard you ugly boy coming with us this is the best joke ever hahaha it is obvious that mario is too fat and stupid to realize baby luigi needs real help no matter how ugly he is you see an abandoned kitten it looks destroyed where the face is but the cat is still very kindhearted what would you do with it you would take it home and make it live a better life same goes for the incredibly ugly baby luigi but mario is too fat and stupid to realize this samus used a laser whip and hit mario on the head mario was shocked for a while what was that for the almost obese man whined we got to help this baby no matter how ugly he is but robots cant be this kind baby luigi looked please mario and baby luigi followed samus to the samuship sadly baby luigi doesnt know anything about the built in shower for the ship samus must save anyway so the showers operate mario and baby luigi get rinsed with shower water until the ship actually stops baby luigi cries like heck samus was thrown off guard and steered into a wandering asteroid the ship got hit and went tumbling off into a planet little did they know it was kirbys planet the next thing mario knew he was staring right into the face of a kirby mario was startled but he was too fat and stupid to realize this kirby is a yellow kirby hi there said the yellow kirby mario is fat aaaahhh screamed mario dont hurt me i didnt steal your cake whats wrong with you asked the yellow kirby i didnt dooooo iiiiiit waaaaah the yellow kirby rolled her eyes stop complaining will you im not that maniacal pink kirby who just sits there and hyperventilates all day sheesh what does hyper whatever means anyway asked mario obviously marios fatness and stupidity was showing everyone knows that hyperventilates means breathing quickly like in panic hyperventilating is not good for your health since your pink and warm lungs need that air mario ran around hysterically and then tripped oh samus there you are mario cried mario shook samus what happened to you cried mario mario shook samus but mario is too fat and stupid to realize that samus is a robot and robots always have an on button the yellow kirby strolled over to samus and pushed the power button samus turned on again hooooooooooooooooooo asked samus uhh where am i it drawled hey samus said mario we crash landed on this weird place full of kirbys this place isnt weird protested the yellow kirby who are hoooooo you asked samus why im keeby said the yellow kirby oh nice to meet you keeby said samus but robots dont greet yellow puffballs wheres that miserable ugly sack of green shouted mario mario looked around frantically but he saw no sign of the miserable green sack baby luigi mario cried fortunately mario was too fat and stupid to realize that baby luigi is behind that bush over there and i hate describing things just think of things yourself sheesh keeby rushed over and shook baby luigi until the ugly bones of his rattled nothing baby luigi screamed mario nothing hoooooooooooo boomed samus nothing mario thought of something he took a piece of cheese out hahaha laughed samus but robots dont laugh what does that cheese do youll see muttered mario he rubbed the cheese on baby luigis nose baby luigi then lay awake like an ugly doll and then let out an ugly sneeze oh boy cheese baby luigi chimed like an ugly baby baby luigi devoured the cheese in 1 gulp are you okay asked mario yeah i am but mario was too fat and stupid to realize that something pink is running over the horizon oh no gasped keeby its kirby the pink one samus asked yes the robot is afraid but robots dont get scared they are just cold hunks of metal hey screamed kirby what are you doin here i thought i wiped out your world keeby said well dont well me keeby kirby shouted someone stole my cake and that person is going to pay for stealing that fluffy mouthwatering goodness what a punk muttered baby luigi unfortunately kirby heard this whom are you calling a punk kirby shouted at the top of his lungs ouch samus said you are hurting my ears but robots dont have ears you can see it clearly doesnt have any ears its just a helmet looking part attached to a metal body well kirby said im going to blow up this universe with this huge bomb until someone that is not a kirby can get me my cake back nooo said keeby you have to do it kirby thinks that the cake is in a nonkirby zone hes been looking for someone to find his cake but everyone chickened out this will be a dangerous mission those who did agree never found the cake if kirby doesnt get the cake within 1 week bam we all die please do baby luigi was freaked out but mario and samus accepted it we have to do it said samus but robots dont have determination but mario was too fat and stupid to realize that this mission will award him samus and baby luigi handsomely they will start it sometime soon one day mario and baby luigi and samus were walking to the space ship mario saw luigi there hey luigi mario said mario you fat and stupid imbecile where were you im right here dont you see me noo luigi said i meant before uh oh yeah i was messing around in samus aran land the robot groaned but robots cant groan its called metriod land said the robot that space ship wont work said luigi why mario snorted because it wont work i think wario used this ship once and now its capoot stop talking german you know capoot is german whatever german is a nice language why would wario ruin our ship samus asked because wario is ugly and he makes mario envious that mario didnt win first place on the fatness contest great mario sighed how are we going to get a space ship now beep beep mario and his friends looked around a bus said mario how the heck did that bus get here there is no driver in that bus the bus has eyes samus observed then its alive mario said ahhhh help save me that bus is haunted look mario samus said robots do not equal zombies they are just nonliving robots just like me but that bus acts so lifelike baby luigi cried so do i the orange robot said in fact i act so lifelike that people think im a girl everyone knows you are not a girl luigi scowled anyone who thinks you are a girl has his her brain drowned in pizza cheese sauce on a frying pan boiled to one thousand six hundred seventy eight degrees celsius its not that hot mario said but mario was too fat and stupid to realize that mario is part fire which means that he cannot burn and he cannot die remember how bowser chopped off marios butt yeah mario cant die the bus saw what i typed and ran over mario mario didnt die he jumped up and got mad and he took out a mallet a huge mallet that black in color and big in size with a possible chance for the first time ever that may possibly completely destroy in the month of February that stalls for time in the end result yay double talk lets continue on oops more double talk dont kill the bus baby luigi cried the bus cant get killed mario said i will only get completely destroyed did you pay attention luigi screamed you double talked again but mario was too fat and stupid to know what the heck double talk is double talk dont repeat the bus saw the mallet and cowered in fear samus hit a lightbulb it took out its scanning device and scanned the bus magic school bus samus gasped but robots dont get surprised wow just what i guessed luigi moaned what the heck is a magic school bus mario asked but he was too fat and stupid to know that the magic school bus is a book slash tv show which involves a crazy old science teacher and her eight kid class plus a loony lizard that goes on wacky field trips aha luigi exclaimed we can use the magic school bus instead of a rocket i dont get it dumb mario said you see luigi said this is a magic emphasis on magic school bus this bus can transform into anything emphasis on anything including a dinosaur pollen ladybug you name it and it had transformed into a spaceship once oo oo can it transform into me mario shouted yeah i guess so luigi stepped into the bus i remember you have the press this button to transform luigi pressed a button the bus whirled like a bus tornado down b special and finally turned into a magic school spaceship huzzah samus shouted with glee but robots dont have emotions hooooooooo it hooed happily baby luigi smiled a little bit lets go into space mario yelled keeby didnt notice what the heck was happening she noticed the ship hey wait up for me keeby screamed as she flew on board of the magic school ship take chances make mistakes and get messy mario shouted oh shut up luigi said only crazy orange haired ladies say this what do we do what do we do what do we do samus moaned is it just me or are we quoting some lines those crazy kids said luigi asked according to my research yes we are keeby chimed i should have stayed home today complained baby luigi in my old school well im not sure if i really attended school samus beeped like a robot okay stop with those weird references luigi snapped but you made a reference mario whined look mario this story is going slower than runny cheese sauce let me steer this ship luigi reached for the steering wheel but before luigi could even touched the crazy infected steering wheel the bus shot off into space yikes screamed samus but robots dont get scared maybe they get programmed to get scared but samus is not programmed at all wheeeee mario screamed wahoooo and so the bus shot off into space mario and his stupid morons are going on a mission but forget collecting those coins that has those creepy heads of that science teacher mario and his morons are in a real mission ride on the magic school bus on the way to the planet called mobius they met this person named daisy and then daisy told them to fight everyone called dk and sonic the hedgehog and about everyone in the universe including leftygreenmarioo and then the fight turned out to be a hoax fawful and cackletta decided to control luigi and then he joined the ultra fcl team and then mario peach and daisy were forced to fight dark princess luigi who for some reason took peachs spare dress samus joined the fight for no reason and ruined it for mario daisy was captured and was forced to marry luigi but then she used a biathlon 7-5 to kill cackletta but it failed but she became a good guy so it was reduced to luigi and fawful she used the same thing on fawful it worked and then she skied off the top of the building and flew to earth she wasnt seen again and then mario and peach was running and being chased by samus and baby mario and then they met ike along the way and then ike was battling samus for some reason and then the ultra civil war happened at eighteen sixty one its everyone vs mario and peach it came to a treaty on the streets and then they got on the magic school bus and flew back to the mushroom kingdom after they came back from the trip on the magic school bus mario went to the gym and ran around the track 100000 times and then he drank some water and the next thing you know mario was walking down the road and we may never know why he is walking down the road we just know that this is another great wall of text and he met daisy halfway down the road and she said luigi tried to punch me in the face good thing i got the teleporter professor elven gadd made for me or else he would have killed me he was weird he was also wearing a green dress something similar to peachs dress mario then said lead me to there daisy lead mario to there and found luigi fighting peach as it turned out luigi sided with wario and waluigi in their evil plans because the police found out a way to catch wario and waluigi same technique except they use luigi as an distraction mario called the toads over toad toadette toadsworth toadiko toadbert alagold and buckenberry kind of ironic because there was a proposal recently i voted that won against alagold for favor of yellow toad nsmbw and they challenged luigi they played mario party nine thats how it has ala gold and thats how ala gold became official and marios team won and then there was this conversation on this other planet in this other universe called earth and bowser junior was talking to this person called clovis nightshade after mario fuchi got seventh because a canadian beat him 119 years and 359 days ago dot dot dot now luigi was about to blast a polonium nuke at the moon but it failed and wario tried to make earth an anarchy but it failed because everyone got wariorepellent and its everyone verses wario and luigi for some reason after that they defeated them but wario and luigi escaped then mario and peach married each other and they had 4 children the four children went to the sarasaland kingdom and then helped it become the most famous kingdom even nintendo went there and then bowser started attacking the sarasaland kingdom and kidnapped the second child aka peach the second when in peace they discovered about an imposter aka theyre father and mother and then they threatened to go to war they went to war bowsers minions dks minions starwars people and everyone else went to the ultimate battle which is now known as the war of 1812 aka the person who is the sock of jjfs6mkc who is the sock of another person i forgot they had a brutal war and then it ended with a treaty and then mario attacked princess dark luigi and then he got shocked by a lightning he became regular and there is no more princess mushrooms and dark mushrooms and luigi married daisy they went to sarasaland kingdom and then they had 2 children and then mario traveled back in time to witness the evil done by luigi again he put baby luigi on fire and then king boo defeated luigi again in mario kart double dash even though they are on the same team and then mario got murdered by dry bowser transforming into the song at the beginning of super princess peach ngb new video game system and then luigi hacked mario kart wii and was playing worldwide wi fi and then he hacked so that luigi was wearing peachs dress and we all live in the super mario world the super mario world the super mario world red shell hacker online hacking mushroom peaks and snes mario circuit 1 and then random random section and then nintendo ds floating in the air and is a retro course on mario kart wii in luigis console mario got a gun and then shot it at yoshi toad went to war with mario toad sided with mario jr to eliminate this imposter and while this chaos happened bowser stole the ultra star and then mario jr tried to get it and then mario destroyed the sarasaland kingdom then the beanbean kingdom was destroyed by the M&P Ship and everyone went against Mario and Peach they had an agreement...

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