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Toad's Pikmin Army
Age: Hm.... it's a double digit number.
Birthday: May. May 7th.
Gender: Male
Favorite Game: New Super Mario Bros. U
Least Favorite Game: Those annoying Nascar games.
State: Nice Sunny Cali!!

Hiya, peeps! It's been two years since inactivity, and so stuffs been difficult. Let's start the year off right by contributing as much as we possibly can! The wiki's gone through some serious changes since I last saw. Oh, poor Pipe Projects. I loved that thing.

About Me

I created an account roughly in 2011. Possibly May, I'm not sure. I was active for a while, then I went out for a year or something like it, because of lack of having a computer. My main goals are to finish the Recipe and Red Flagpole pages. Those need help. Like, A LOT. I'm a standard Mario player, and play other game franchises like Crash Bandicoot (the old ones, not the titan games [which suck]), Tomb Raider, and all Nintendo Franchises. My top favorites are Mario, Pokemon, Pikmin, and Fire Emblem. The Users that I get along with (or used to, anyway) are/were:

I don't do Userboxes, but here's my own:




{{userbox|border=#006|mainbkgd=#009|codebkgd=#09F|code=[[File:ToadSMA.gif]]|msg=This user has befriended [[User:Toad's Pikmin Army|Toad's Pikmin Army]]! ATTACK!!!}}

Feel free to take that userbox, as a sign of our alliance. I don't mind that you message me that you have befriended the Army, or if you leave your own userbox. I'll put 'em here shortly after I have collected enough to dump them all here.

My brother, Boowhoplaysgames (talk) thinks he's way too old to be on this site. He's inactive now. Feel free to ask me for my Brawl code. I tend to get along with almost anybody on the wiki. You can sometimes find me on the wiki chat. I have unusual sleeping patterns, and can find me here at night or early mornings. I used to do those Userbox things, but it's rather a waste of User talk and User edits to go, "hey, here's my userbox!" Then have to go and add it plus replying, wasting a good 2-3 User edits, which is not good. If you ever want to message me, just go to my talk page, but here's how I work:

  • If you leave a message, I'll respond as quickly as possible.
  • I wont respond on your talk page, but rather reply below your message (Its a Smash Wiki habit)
  • I'll respond only if need be.

Oh, and a favor, please title your heading something appropriate to the message. Its my pet peeve, I hate if the heading has nothing to do with the message. Additional rules can be found on my talk page.

But now it's business time:

If you could kindly...

  1. We need some organizing over in the Recipe page, as well as the sub-pages for recipes. If you could help, that would be great. It was a real hassle trying to organize it last year, and it would be a great help if you helped.
  2. We need some MAJOR revamp over on Red Flagpole! It's not complete in multiple sections, and any help is gladly appreciated. This page has never been fully finished, and it would be nice to list all the secret flags in every world.

That's all I'm focusing right now. It'd be great if we got those pages organized. Feel free to send me a message if you need anything! Great to be back!--T P A