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My signature pic.
Hey paisanos!

Ciao amici! My friends call me TUMF. As my name implies, I love Mario more than anything else there is! My first video game ever was back in '97 with Mario Kart 64, and my favorite game of all time is Super Mario 64. Since then, Mario has become my unflagging passion and way of life. The difference with me as a fan is I adore the character Mario specifically, not simply as a collective series. In particular I'm a huge fan of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, of which I watch and quote religiously, and I consider it one of the primary high points in Mario's developmental history.

Throughout the years I've been very busy obtaining any and all media in which Mario has held an active role. I own all his American video games, books, soundtracks, comics (and almost all manga), movies, and gobs of merchandise. It's always been my ultimate goal to own the VHS copy of Super Mario Bros.: Peach-hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen!, which I want more than anything and have been tirelessly searching for for numerous years now. My overall mission is to own all the Mario media ever released in this country, and exclusively in Japan. I am a forever true, proud and devout hardcore fanatic of his, and I believe him to be Nintendo's paramount crowning achievement. May Mario live on... Ciao for now! @(;o}D

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