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STATUS: I'm Online.

NOTES: My Imagination is crazy so frequent video game ideas are common.

About Me

I am a 13 year old from Canada, who has played Nintendo (Mostly Mario though) games since 1997. Proudly making people say "What the heck?" since 1994. My first video game I played ever was Super Mario 64 when my sister won a contest when she was in JR High school, and won a N64 and Super Mario 64. How ever the school, since then, has become really cheep so no contest like that for me.

To-Do List

Beat Super Mario Sunshine


“"2 and 2 is 22. Where the heck did you learn your math?"”
Me to my best friend. Grade 2.
“"That Fish so cool! {Mario is then eaten by it} BAD FISHIE!"”
Me playing Super Mario 64 referring to Bubba