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My original account was Super mario97 but i stupidly forgot the password so i just made a new account.

And if you don't know my name is from The Hulk.

Green Scar

Yoshi is cute.gif

Gender: Male
Hobbies: Music, Sports, Drawing, Playing Games
Favorite Mario Game: Paper mario2
Favorite All-Time Game: Call of Duty Black ops.

My Favorite character is Mario Dr Mario.gif. My second Favorite character is Blue Yoshi. My Favorite Game is Mario and Luigi Partners in Time. I have 3 brothers, Xzelion, and Master Crash. I have Beaten Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Twice and Partners in Time Once. I watch the Naruto series

f_ThatsMamaLum_fb9046e.gif thats mama luigi to you mario


Yoshi is cute.gif