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Hey, it's me! TheGreenFire! My favorite character is Luigi and my favorite game is Super Smash Bros Brawl. I haven't been on for a long time but I'll be on alot now.

It's a Luigi, number 1!
Luigi's ready to Brawl!

Goals on MarioWiki

1. Fix all mistakes found.... on the Luigi page!

2. Make 5-10 articles.

3. Remove spam or vandalism, at least three

4. Make 50 contributions. (Minus my page and personal images)

About Me

I got a dark secret... I'm a new guy at the Glitz Pit! Yeah I'm the champion now... okay, I'm not. I keep on losing to The Great Gonzales Jr.... His name sounds familiar. Well good thing he isn't a friend of Mario or Luigi! Or I would really feel... "dead inside..."

Anyway... I'm asian (FTW). My first Mario game was either Super Mario 64 or was it Mario Party? Yep, N64 was my first video game console. Why am I a fan of Luigi? Well, he has some funny scenes in the Mario & Luigi series, he's not afraid to wear pink (SSB series, Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga), he wears blue and green, he jumps high, he's cool, most of the time he ends up being hurt (Mario Power Tennis) which causes me to laugh, he's the man in green o' fire machine, and he has the mustache!

Sprite Sheet

Coming Soon maybe...