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I am working on creating my userpage. Please excuse any oddness, as I am creating via partial copy/paste.

Master Hand

Ranking Nobody in particular.
Allies Most who don't oppose me or my close friends.
Species Fourth Wall
Likes Videogames, PWNAGE, parties, gravity-based games, fourth wall-based games, reading, drawing, school, and learning.
Hates The combination of school and learning, allergies, spam, and hard games.
Gender Male
Favorite Color Scheme Black and lime green-I use it whenever humanly possible. Hex: #000000#00FF00
The1337's Userbox Tower
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Princess Rosalina Super Mario Galaxy.png
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Hi, I am The1337, in case it isn't already obvious. I am a strict Nintendo fan, with the only exception being Portal. I am a big fan of 8-bit characters, sprites, and music. I am also a big fan of video game music in general, and am thinking of asking my Music teacher to create a unit on said music. Said interest is also the reason I bought Electroplankton (DSi edition) and Art Style: PiCTOBiTS. I also like creative uses of gravity and the fourth wall, or breakages thereof.

My Nintendo Stuff

Game Image Description Review Rating
Wii Wii console.png "Wii" likely all know about this. If not, click here. Amazing, despite the resolution, which is still amazing. 9.5
Wii Remote (3) 45px45px45px Again, click here. Amazing, though the pointing sometimes glitches and is upside-down. 8.9
Nunchuk (2) Nunchuk.pngNunchuk.png Again, HERE. Nothing bad, but nothing that good. 7.5
Wii Wheel (2) Wii wheel.pngWii wheel.png An attachment for racing games on the Wii. Very comfortable, but not realistic. 8.5
Wii Microphone Mic.png An attachment for Guitar Hero games on the Wii. Good. 7
Wii Guitar Guitar.png An attachment for Guitar Hero games on the Wii. Good. 7
Wii Drums Drums.png An attachment for Guitar Hero games on the Wii. Good. 7
Wii Remote Charger Wiimote Charger.jpg A contact-based charger for two Wiimotes. PERFECT! OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (out of 10)
Aperture Gaming Tower Aperture Tower.jpeg A gaming tower for the Wii Awesome. 11
Nintendo DSi 85px Yet again, here. Cool, but DSiWare is boring after a few plays. 7.5
Nintendo DS Lite (2) 85px AGAIN, HERE! My little brother actually has them, so N/A N/A (see left)
Action Replay DS 85px A cheating device for the DS. My little brother actually has it, so N/A N/A (see left)
Action Replay DSi 85px A cheating device for the DSi. Quite good, codes don't work that good for SM64DS. 9
Ultra Sensor Bar 85px An upgraded sensor bar for the Wii. Good. 9
Wireless Gamecube Controller 85px A wireless Gamecube controller. Need I say more? Nothing wrong with it, good hold, and comfortable C joystick. 9
ZSNES 85px An emulator for the SNES. Perfect. 10

Plus one non-Mario/Nintendo related accesory, which I don't know is breaking the rules or not to post. Anybody who knows

My Nintendo games (Mario-related)

Game Image System Review Rating
Super Mario Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy NA Box Art.jpg 85px The reviews were right. 9001
Super Mario Galaxy 2 (extended borrow) Smg2boxart.png 85px The reviews were still right. 9001
Super Smash Bros. Brawl SSBB Cover.jpeg 85px Amazing, but after the ending, it gets boring. 7.5
Mariokart Wii MarioKartWiiEuDVDcover.jpg 85px Good except for bad steering. 9
Super Paper Mario SuperPaperMarioBoxart.jpg 85px If only it were an RPG. I am saddened by not being in that alternate dimension. 6 (if RPG, infinite)
New Super Mario Bros. Wii NSMBW AU Box Art.jpg 85px Awesome, but cooperative play turns into VS mode pretty quickly. 7.5
Wii Sports 85px 85px Good, but too repetitive. 5
Wii Play 85px 85px Same as Wii Sports. 5
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door PMTTYD.jpg 85px Amazing, though frustrating when you get stuck. 8
Super Mario Sunshine Box NA Super Mario Sunshine.png 85px Good, but some levels are too hard. 8
3 non-Mario Wii games. (see above) Help?
Super Mario Bros. (Virtual Console) SMB Boxart.png NES Who doesn't agree? 10
Super Mario Bros. 3 (Virtual Console) SMB3 Boxart.png NES Not as good as the original. 9.5
Paper Mario (Virtual console) 85px N64 Logo.svg Awesome. 9
Super Mario World (emulated) Super Mario World Box.png SNES Good. 9.5
Super Mario 64 DS Sm64ds.jpg 85px Good, re-playability is good with cheats. 7
Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Bowsersinsidestorycover.jpg 85px PERFECT. 10
Yoshi's Island DS YI2boxart.jpg 85px Pretty Cool. 8
Mario Party DS MPDSNA.jpg 85px Pretty Cool. 8