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About Me

Hello, I am ShadowMario! I Have enjoyed Mario games for as long as I can remember.

  • I am 16 years old.
  • I live in Canada, Ontario.
Other Things Barely know how to do any of this
Birthday March 15th, 2004
Join Date April 8th, 2020
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Favorite Mario games

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

My brother received this game for his birthday when I was about 6 and we had an amazing time with it. As far as I'm concerned It is one of the best Mario games out there to date. Nintendo has tried time and time again trying to replicate the feelings of joy people get when they play Paper Mario TTYD, but they never can and probably never will. It's just too darn good.

Super Mario 64

This game is just amazing. It was one of the first Mario games the was three dimensional. It does have dozens and dozens of major skips in it, but it was a trend setter and it was just an overall original and great game, setting up for other Nintendo games like Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Odyssey, and tons of other games.

Super Mario Sunshine

Just a great game, great quotes, original ideas, and great game mechanics.

Games That Are Life

Game Story Mode Completed Game Physically Owned/Game Digitally Owned Score /10 Extra Notes
Paper Mario Yes Neither 8/10 Previously owned it on Wii, but basement flooded
Super Mario 64 Yes Neither 7/10 Previously owned it on Wii, but basement flooded
Donkey Kong 64 Yes Both 10/10 Owned on Wii U as well as N64
Banjo Kazooie Yes Physical 10/10
Banjo Tooie Yes Digital 7/10
Mario Kart 64 No Physical 3/10 I suck at Mario Kart
Mario Party Yes Physical 7/10
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Yes Neither 7/10
GoldenEye 007 No Physical 5/10 Non-adjustable inverted controller is stupid
Super Mario Sunshine Yes Physical 10/10
Mario Kart: Double Dash 100 CC ??? 6/10