The insane, awesome(kinda), Princess Yoshi!

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StatusI disappeared. Don't worry, I'm back now!
Princess Yoshi
I'm a Yoshi freak. :D Oh, and I don't have my clothes on here.
Name Princess 'Samantha' Yoshi
Personality A bit of a coward, but not scared of EVERYTHING. Tries to be funny, and strong(and a bit tall) for her age. Yep, that's me in a nutshell.
Real Name Why the heck would I tell you? You might be Doopliss.(It's not Samantha, by the way)
Friends Weeeelll, I don't know XP
Species Pink Yoshi
Enemies None yet :D
Birthday 08/22
Gender Female
Favorite Mario Game Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Favorite Pokemon Game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time
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To get started... how about a introduction?

“Who're you calling a monster?”
Doopliss, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Hello there! I'm Princess Yoshi! I hope I get lots of great friends here, because that would be fun! I love doing crazy and random things, I just crazy like that....

Ignorance is Bliss- great flash.

Fishing for info

First, these are pictures that I like or pictures of things I like.

Wow, you've survived this far.
Well, I like booifying things. What's that? I turn things into boos.
Like Boo Mario and such. I know.


  • "So what it I'm not powerful? I'm still awesome."
  • "Why would Bowser want anything to do with the Island?"
  • "I forgot what I was doing for a second.... was I planning a party or was I getting dressed?"
  • "A-a-a-a va-vampire?!?"
  • "Did he steal my cookies again?"
  • "So that's how you get apples off a tree without using your tongue...."
  • "First a dress, now wings? Something's wrong with my cape...

Favorite Characters

From most loved to lesser.