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Hello, im Paper Culex (NOT that user with part of my name), im a male who is in the USA. My names Joe. I am a MARIO MANIAC. I know there is gonna be a new Paper Mario series installment. Also, join this: The CC


Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time RATING: 9.0 OPINION: Althougth this is my first M&L series game, its pretty epic. Only to point off bosses when I am at low level, but other than that, this is a recomendtion for the M&L series.

Super Mario 64 DS RATING: 8.5 OPINION: Its the same as the original, except some graphic improvments and new stars, back when I didnt got this, I had Super Mario 64 (formeritly), although the final form of Bowser was tough, the two are good games.

Mario Super Sluggers RATING: 8.9 OPINION: I love Mario sports games, and this is some evidence why. Althougth I havent got all the charactors, this is a good game with the ones I got, and it is a fun start for people who want a sport Mario game if their intsrested into Baseball.

More will come up, I can remember some others I had that I dont have, and I will look for ones I had.