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Hey Orange yoshi here wazzzzzuuuuppppp! :P


Im 12 with the brain of a 15 year old.

Notes about me

.I live in the PAL region (Australia) and no theres not kangaroos everywhere(ive actually never seen one) .Im a video game fanatic

.Your reading this


<A HREF=""> <IMG SRC="tgeno.gif">
Which Neglected Mario Character Are You?</A>

Top 10 Characters 10.Toad. He creeps me out in a good kind of way

9.Wario. What a stache'!

8.Bowser.I like the comic relief bowser better than sinister bowser

7.Dry bones.Hes almost invincible!

6.Donkey Kong.One game hes fighting mario the next hes helping?

5.Mario. The man himself! He had to be in the top 5

4.Diddy Kong. Peanut popguns, need i say more?

3.Luigi. He'll bounce back

2. Hammer bro. uh i mean Waluigi. He is pure evil and awesome and im "not" writing this against my own will.

1.And finally number one YOSHI! cmon who doesn't love Yoshi?

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