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Sup bros! It's me. Kingfawful. My birthday is april 19 in case your wondering.

New signature

I have a new signature, here it is: Hearty_Laughter_by_KokinhoKokeiro.gifKingfawful4321 tell me what you think about it here: Creating User talk:Kingfawful4321/sig

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Review

Ahh...Luigi's Mansion, What a unique game, The exact game that truly deserves a sequel. Well we got one. Shall i start from the begining?


Professor E. Gadd (Who, by the way, i find a little creepy) is studying the friendly and cute ghost of Evershade Valley. But then the Dark Moon is shattered. by who? King Boo. (No s**t) Turning the friendly ghost in to EEEEVIIIIIILLL ghost. But luckly, Elvin escapes. But now he is trapped in his safe room. so who does he call? LUIGI!...YEAH! Elvin teleports luigi to his safe room. (Even though Luigi refuses), Elvin sends Luigi to Gloomy Manor. Where he finds...THE NEW AND IMPROVED POLTERGUST 5000! (must be 18 or older to order)


This game adds something new to the unique gameplay of the orginal Luigi's Mansion. While in the first game, you had to flash the ghost with your like to inhale them. But in this game, a new feature called the Strobulb allows you to charge up your light, it actully gave me a fresher feeling to capturing those frickin annoying Gobbers.


Luigi: The hero of the game. he is a playable character in the game. (Actully the ONLY playable character in the game)

Professor Elvin Gadd: A creepy old guy with a ridiculously high pitched voice for his age.

Toads: These guys no longer act as savepoints. They now are Elvin Gadd's Slav-I mean employees.

King Boo: The pesky king has returned and he is bigger (and scarier) then ever!



There are 3 modes in the game.

Dark Moon Quest: The main adventure. Luigi is being forced to look for Dark Moon pieces by Elvin.

E. Gadd's Vault: You get to look at the sad and unhappy ghosts and boos. Elvin secretly plans on brainwashing the boos so that he can rule the world.

Scarescraper: In this online gamemode, you can hunt ghosts. track down Polterpups. and get to the top of the tower. (or get out of the tower if your on rush mode).

Final thoughts

I Thought that this was a great follow up to the orginal. I can't think of many down falls. Sooooo yeah tell me what you think of this review in my talk page. I'd also like to see Lefty Green Mario's review on this game when she gets it sooo peace out.

Happy easter!

I want to wish Lefty Green Mario and Shyman and everyone else a happy easter! (Try not to puke after all that choclete).

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If anyone wants my 3DS friend code, here you go: 1719-3563-0617

Professor E. Gadd is EVIL

Hi guys, I just wanted you to know why i think Professor Elvin Gadd is EEEEVIIIIILLL

Reason 1: The Toad assistants are SLAVES. In Treacheruous Mansion, After you pixelate the two Toads back to Elvin's lab, he says that he forgot that there were two Toads, thought that a ghost sneaked in with the Toad. so he walloped the Toad in the nose. Elvin is a LIAR. he REMEMBERED that there were two Toads. i think the reason that he walloped that toad in the nose was because he wanted to knock the Toad out so that he could brainwash the Toad while it was unconscious.

Reason 2: Elvin had a ghost vault before the Dark Moon shattered. Elvin was studying the ghost of Evershade Valley intill they became evil. Elvin escapes to his safe room and just so happens that he had a ghost vault the whole time. was he planning on catching the friendly ghost even though they were still friendly?

Reason 3: Kidnaps someone younger then him and forces him to catch ghost. yeah.. watch the Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon intro on youtube then you will see what i mean.

And that's why i think E. Gadd is evil. wait, who's that? OH NO! IT'S ELVIN KNOCKING ON MY DOOR HELPHFKNTKDJCSLDLKCMHCKGJGIJLLVKCM.

Creepypasta reviews?

Hello everyone. I have a question for all of you. Should i start making Creepypasta reviews? Tell me on my talk page. If you have a request of what creepypasta i should review then tell me on my talk page as well. peace out.

Creepypasta reviews: MARIO

. I am here today making my first creepypasta review. Today i will be reviewing a creepypasta called "MARIO". A user named Dominator1337 requested this. so here we go!


A dude named adam is looking for some Super Mario World hacks when he stumbles across a hack called: "MARIO". He plays the hack but little does he know that in the hack, Mario is portrayed as a mass murderer.


Adam: the main character in this piece of pasta.

Mario: a evil d****b*g who does evil stuff cause he's evil and stuff dchfmnhuxsjnfvjdhdssakala&&1reufo9

Yoshi: A person who wants Mario to inhale poison.

Victim 1: he gots no eyes.

Final thoughts

This is one of the most underrated creepypasta i've ever read. It's almost as good as The Ben Drowend creepypasta. one of the things i LOVED about this creepypasta was because of the amazing relisem. (you probly heard SomeOrdinaryGamers say before). This is really a hack. (I've played it before it was pretty scary). special thanks to Dominator1337 for requesting this creepypasta. bye guys, peace out.

Creepypasta reviews: sonic.exe

Sup dudes and dudettes. i'm here with another creepypasta review. today i will be reviewing a creepypasta called sonic.exe. This was requested by Dominator1337. so let's start the review!


A person is at home playing Sonic Unleashed but later gets a package. with a disk and a note inside. the note was from a friend he hadn't seen in a long time. in the game that was on the disk had EEEEEVIIILLLLNESSSSSSS.

Final thoughts

This was a great creepypasta. It has an ending that will leave you with the poop in your pants. again, this is game is real. i've played it before. (You can see other people playing it on youtube) So that's all guys, peace out.

Creepypasta reviews: STAR FOX 6664

Sup dudes and dudettes. I'm here with another creepypasta review. Today i will be reviewing one of the cheesiest creepypastas i've ever read. this was requested by Domanaitor1337. so here we go. All aircraft report!


Once upon a time there was a guy named tom who woke up in the morning pretty early. He heard a knock on his door. It was the pizza delevery guy. JK. it was his friend kyle, he stood in front of his door motianless while holding a flash drive. Tom took the flash drive out of his hand and shut the door. (Your an a**hole tom). later while tom was rubbing mustard on his forehead. he noticed that there where some hip sunglasses drawn on the flash drive. he noticed that the flash drive had star fox 64 on it. he played the flash drive then cleshay things happen.

Final thoughts.

I LOVED this creepypasta. JK i hated it. WAAAAAAAAAAAY to many cleshays. this creepypasta was hardly creative at all. blood gore blood blood blood gore blood gore gore is all i heard. that's all for today if you have a request. tell me on my talk page. peace out. DO A BERRAL ROLL!